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How many car companies can list a history as rich as connections to Benito Mussolini? The founding Agnelli family lost control of the company in 1945 after the end of Mussolini’s reign over Italy. The family came back with the founder and former chairman Giovanni’s grandson taking the lead.

The company has a tradition of absorbing their competition. In 1967, they took over the company Autobianchi. Two years later, they took controlling interests in both Ferrari and Lancia. In 1986, Fiat acquired Alfa Romeo and then in 1993 Maserati joined the list of companies controlled by Fiat.

In the late 60s, the company overtook Volkswagen in sales and stood as a dominant rival to the American powerhouses in Detroit. Fuel efficiency was the name of the game in the 1979 oil crisis and Fiat found record sales in the United States with their fuel efficient cars.

By 1984, they had lost their gains and subsequently pulled out of the country. In 2002 with the acquisition of Maserati completed they returned to America where sales are still healthy.

Tyre Shopper joins Fiat in their embrace of history and high performance with a wide selection of Fiat tyres. National Tyres (The fitting partner of choice) has 225 branches nationwide and over 1,000 Fiat tyre specialists that are ready to aid in the next purchase of your Fiat tyres.

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Fiat Punto Tyres

The Fiat Punto, a supermini, has been in production since 1993. The model has always been popular with amateur racing drivers due to its reasonable price and wide availability of spare parts (and wide selection of Fiat tyres from Tyre Shopper, of course!) Punto has competed in a number of motor sports events like the Targa Tasmania Showroom Class (2007) where it was the first diesel car to compete. It has also won many rally championships including Italy Rally Championship in 2003 and 2006, European Rally Championship in 2006, and International Rally Challenge in 2006.

The popularity of the car in motor sports has spawned a sporty version of the car in video games including Colin McRae Rally 04, Colin McRae: DiRT, and Sega Rally Revo.

Suitable replacement Fiat tyres for the Punto are the Pirelli P6, the Dunlop SP2000 and the Bridgestone Turanza E300.


Fiat Bravo Tyres

The Bravo is a small family car that was produced from 1995 to 2001. The name of the car was resurrected by the Fiat company in 2007. Originally it was a three door hatchback, but the current model is a five door. The three door hatchback has a wheelbase of 2,540 millimetres, while the new version has a wheelbase of 2,600 millimetres.

It is factory fitted with Fiat tyres from Continental Sport Contact 3, Continental Premium Contact 2 and ContiEco Contact 3 line. The Goodyear GT2, Uniroyal Rainsport 2 and Avon ZV3 are all suitable replacement Fiat tyres.

Fiat 500

Fiat 500 Tyres

The Fiat 500 began production in 2007 and is considered a city car. The wheelbase of the model is 2,300 millimetres. It is factory fitted with Pirelli P Zero Nero and ContiEco Contact Fiat tyres. The Michelin Energy Saver is a fuel saving, eco-friendly option.

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Customers who own a Fiat left the following reviews for the tyres they bought

Phil - 13/02/2016

Good choice for the 1.2 16v speedgear Punto. Surprisingly good in snow and ice for 'summer' tyres.

clowes - 31/01/2016

FIAT 500 01242

Peter Tomkins - 27/01/2016


Steve - 25/01/2016


Clive Garrad - 25/01/2016

Fiat Ducato 2300
Unfortunately I have only covered approximately 400 miles since the tyres were fitted and not had enough time to fully evaluate them.