Dunlop SP Sport BluResponse


Manufacturer: Dunlop
Tyre: Dunlop SP Sport BluResponse
Speed Rating: H
Load Index: 91H

Manufacturer's Description:

Dunlop SP Sport BluResponse is a premium tyre suited for high-performance driving. These tyres offer safety and improved handling in wet or dry summer conditions.

  • Improved steering: The asymmetric tread ensures you will feel improved handling in both wet and dry conditions and the risk of aquaplaning is reduced significantly
  • Reduced rolling resistance: By reducing rolling resistance with the innovative silica compound, these tyres ensure you will use less fuel when driving
  • Comfort: Reducing noise levels when driving can create more comfort and safety. Grooves within the tyre tread have been constructed to achieve this
  • Improved stability: Increasing the contact patch has ensured that there is an increased level of grip, which allows tyres to respond quickly to your control
  • Tread Design: The innovation and design of the tread allow for better grip and traction, as well as uniform wear and tear
  • Pairing ultra-high performance, significant safety innovations and improved handling characteristics these tyres are also great value for money; using innovation to create safety
  • Excellent handling characteristics on even the most difficult of road surfaces
  • Cost savings through reduced rolling resistance
  • Heightened comfort levels due to minimised noise levels
  • Improved stability when cornering in both wet and dry conditions

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