Manufacturer: Continental
Tyre: Continental Sport Contact 2


The Continental Sport Contact 2 tyres are high performance summer tyres developed for high-end vehicles like sports cars, sports coupes, and performance saloons. These tyres are manufactured by German tyre conglomerate Continental Tyres, currently the fourth largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Built to suit the demands of powerful vehicles, the Continental Sport Contact 2 tyres deliver high levels of performance in terms of ultra-precise steering responsiveness and superior braking responsiveness. The tyres offer enhanced traction on wet and dry surface. Experience super maximum performance levels with the Continental Sport Contact 2 tyres.The tyres are equipped with all these incredible features and optimised for low tyre noise, the Continental Sport Contact 2 tyres are definitely a value for money purchase, despite their premium price.

The Patented Bionic compound and contour technology improves handling, braking and traction. Lined circumferential tread grooves help disperse water and ably resist hydroplaning. Inner structure has patented ‘Advanced Mould Contour’ (AMC) that helps the tyre to expand when brakes are applied, resulting in shorter stopping distances. Twin steel belts within the tyre structure stabilise the tread area, conferring high speed stability.

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
195 45 15 78V V
225 45 17 91W W
195 40 16 80W W
205 45 16 83V V
225 40 18 88Y Y
215 40 16 86W W
215 45 17 87V V
225 45 17 91V V
225 50 17 98W W
235 55 17 99W W
215 40 18 89W W
255 40 19 100Y Y
265 35 18 93Y Y
265 45 20 104Y Y
265 40 21 105Y Y
Keith Miller - 1st December, 2015

Had a good experience at the national tyres depot in Wrexham.
7 out of 10

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Grip in the Wet
Steering Responsiveness
Cornering Stability
Resistance to Aquaplaning
Tread wear versus mileage
Ride comfort and smoothness
Noise level
Quality versus price
General appearance / tread pattern
Overall rating