Bridgestone B250


Manufacturer: Bridgestone
Tyre: Bridgestone B250
Speed Rating: T
Load Index: 91T

Manufacturer's Description:

The Bridgestone B250 tyres are premium tyres suited for small and medium vehicles. Known for their innovation, Bridgestone has incorporated unique technology into the tyre to offer the best combination of ride comfort, performance and safety.

Superb levels of control: The tyre tread comprises of large tread blocks on the shoulders, which maximise the handling characteristics on dry and wet surfaces. The tyres respond almost instantaneously to steering commands, enhancing your control particularly during tricky turns. Superb control naturally improves driver confidence.
Superior safety on wet roads: The tread pattern contains large grooves with multiple sipes. The grooves deflect water away from the contact patch and reduce risk of aquaplaning. The sipes break up the film of water and improve traction and braking responsiveness on wet surfaces. Wet cornering characteristics are improved due to the superior traction. 
Quiet driving experience: Tyre noise is generated as a result of the tread pattern's interaction with air and other external factors. Using high end computer technology, the Bridgestone B250 tyre tread pattern is optimised to minimise the tyre noise. You can be assured of a peaceful and quiet ride.
Outstanding value for money proposition: The tread compound used and the large tread blocks are more resistant to irregular tread wear. As a result, the tyres last long, obviating the need for frequent tyre replacements that can be quite expensive in the long run.

Quantity Price Order
1 Tyre £59.50
2 Tyres £119.00
3 Tyres £178.50
4 Tyres £238.00
5 Tyres £297.50