Manufacturer: Yokohama
Tyre: Yokohama AC02 CDRIVE 2


Yokohama Tyres is known for its wide range of high quality tyres for practically all applications. Various Yokohama tyre brands are proud OE fitments on a number of high profile automotive marquees including Mazda, Honda, Toyota and others. The Yokohama A11A tyres, for instance, are factory fitted on the ultra high performance sports car – the Mazda MX5 Miata. The Yokohama AC02 CDrive2 tyres are part of the Yokohama C-Drive range, which comprises high grip tyres for small to mid size family cars as well as their performance enhanced versions. All Yokohama C-Drive tyres exhibit exceptional handling characteristics, high traction and deliver a comfortable ride. The Yokohama AC02 CDrive2 tyres exhibit all these characteristics as well as certain unique features.

Improved fuel efficiency: The Yokohama AC02 CDrive2 tyres are incorporated with the innovative orange oil technology, which enhances efficiency of fuel consumption and also ensures superior grip on wet surfaces. The increased efficiency of fuel consumption occurs because these tyres have low rolling resistance, which is directly related to more efficient fuel usage.
Fantastic wet grip: The increased wet grip levels occur because the orange oil in the tread compound disperses the silica particles more efficiently resulting in greater adhesion to the road surface at microscopic levels. The net effect is a more secure grip on wet surfaces, enhancing the safety parameters significantly.
Reduced risk of aquaplaning: The Yokohama AC02 CDrive2 tyres exhibit an advanced asymmetric tread pattern that includes special spiral drain grooves in conjunction with 4 wide circumferential grooves. Working together, these grooves make sure that there is no water under the tread surface, when the car is traversing wet surfaces. Thus the resistance to aquaplaning greatly increases and reduces the chances of skidding on wet roads.
Improved comfort levels:The presence of a continuous, uninterrupted central rib confers greater stability, enhances handling characteristics and makes for a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Because of the more efficient fuel consumption, naturally your fuel bills reduce. You get greater mileage with the Yokohama AC02 CDrive2 tyres. The tyres also emit lower quantities of carbon dioxide into the environment, and are thus environment friendly. Thus in a way, you are reducing your personal carbon footprint and you can feel happy (and proud) about it.

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205 55 16 91W W
205 50 17 93W W
W J Taylor - 21st March, 2012

The tyres seem quieter than the original Bridgestones fitted. Ordering was easy, fitting was good and fitters very obliging.
9 out of 10

KM Skeaping - 9th March, 2011

Tyreshopper enabled me to save £50 on the next best price for a set of Yokohama C-Drives
9 out of 10

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