Manufacturer: Westlake
Tyre: Westlake SV308


  • Excellent performance on wet road surfaces
  • Improved tyre longevity to ensure higher mileage characteristics
  • Optimised rolling resistance resulting in cost savings
  • Outstanding steering responsivness due to significantly improved grip levels
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- 19th January, 2016

Less than 5mm of tread on the centre of the tyre would expect 8mm on a new tyre. Never recommend or buy again.
1 out of 10

Dave Fraley - 14th January, 2016

Good service and overall satisfied. Would use again. Thanks
10 out of 10

Brian Rothery - 13th August, 2013

The reason for the average scores in Questions 1 to 4 & 6 is that tyres were fitted to the rears of a front wheel drive car. Too soon yet to determine tyre life v price. It was slightly disappointing that Wanli tyres fitted to the fronts only a few months earler were no longer available as I would have preferred the same tyre all round the vehicle.
8 out of 10

Stuart Fray - 25th January, 2012

I can't comment on tyre wear as yet as they have not been on the car long enough. My initial impression is positive as these tyres seem to give a smooth, quiet and responsive enough ride. My only criticism is that the tread pattern continues a couple inches up the sidewall of the tyre making them look a little like tractor tyres but this is a minor criticism.
9 out of 10

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