Manufacturer: Wanli
Tyre: Wanli S1023


Bumpy roads are now woes of the past. The trick is, choose the right tyre and your roads are no less than silk. If you love to drive your car peacefully with no irritating sounds and noises, the Wanli S1023 tyres from Wanli Tyres are just right for you. These tyres cater specifically to meet the needs of luxury and comfortable sports cars. The Wanli S1015 tyres, on the other hand are a perfect fit for a summer drive in a passenger car.

South China Tyre and Rubber Co. is an organisation that specialises in manufacturing radial tyres since 1988 and owns the brand of Wanli Tyres. Sunny is also a co brand from the same parent company. It is the largest exporter of radial tyres and is a Key Export Famous Brand Commodity Supported and Developed by the State. The Wanli S1023 tyres are most suitable for passenger cars, luxury sports cars and deluxe cars. In spite of being a best fit for premium cars they do not cost a bomb. They are very economical and easy on the wallet.

Special Features of Wanli S1023 Tyres

a. Great Looks

Luxurious looks with a premium quality of design makes the Wanli S1023 tyres extremely attractive and lends style appeal to your car.

b. Noise Handling Capacity

The ability of this tyre to free you from the disturbing noise levels of the road makes this a hot favourite among tyres for any car.

c. Tread Features

The Wanli S1023 tyres obey your commands sincerely. A flat and wide tread makes for precise steering responsiveness and you just feel great about everything in the drive.

d. Good Road Grip

Dry grip is satisfactory, without a doubt, but wet grip of Wanli S1023 tyres is its USP. This is attributed to the six grooves which are straight and uninterrupted and can disperse water with efficiency.

e. Strong Shock absorption

Wanli S1023 tyres sport a distinct bi-bias arc shaped pattern which gives it a strong shock absorbing capacity and helps it go low on rolling resistance.

To conclude, if you are an inhabitant of an area which is a monsoon zone, the Wanli S1023 tyres are an ideal buy for your cars. Even if you are a middle class buyer, the economical feasibility makes it an attractive buy.

  • Excellent wet grip enables you to have a fear free drive even on a wet road, minimising chances of skidding
  • Competitive grip mileage and stability helps enhance your car’s mileage
  • Oustanding comfort levels 
  • Reduced braking distances to improve driver safety
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Mike cooper - 4th October, 2014

On a mix of motorway and local driving these tyres grip well are quiet and stable. Slightly better fuel economy than on the Dunlops used before, was a bonus. The Extra load (XL) tyres cope well and maintain performance & grip with all 8 seats full. All this at a great price. I cant justify paoreying more.
9 out of 10

paul massey - 31st August, 2013

great product value for money
10 out of 10

Neil Alan - 24th July, 2012

A good tire for a value.
10 out of 10

Phil - 28th June, 2012

A good tyre not to good in the wet (what tyre is) What is best about this tyre they don't feather on the outside edge
10 out of 10

Claire - 26th June, 2012

Great budget tyre.
10 out of 10

- 7th June, 2012

Read mixed reviews before purchase but pleased with overall quality, very good value when compared too other brands and so far, very low wear rate.
10 out of 10

Mark Goadby - 9th May, 2012

I have been pleasantly surprised. I bought on price and don't regret it. I mostly drive winding country roads at relatively high speed for the roads and in the dry they have not let me down. The only downside has been the significant drop off in performance in the wet. My almost bald Dunlop SP01s were better in the wet but its probably not a bad thing I am going slower in damp conditions! My concern is that in an unexpected situation my braking may be adversely affected. I hoping that it means that the tyre wear will be lower than the Dunlops as a result. Its too early to tell.
8 out of 10

John - 18th March, 2012

Brilliant price. Ihad all 4 fitted and road noise was reduced and they smoothed out the road surface better than the previous Bridgestones. Unless you are going to rip up the roads with aggressive driving there is no need to spend any more money than on these. As they are so cheap you can replace them quicker rather than running down to dangerous levels as I did previously.
10 out of 10

JANET DUNN - 31st January, 2012

10 out of 10

Barry Megretton - 29th November, 2011

Great tyres
10 out of 10

T DODD - 7th November, 2011

10 out of 10

T R Tedman - 21st April, 2011

Unfortunately one of the tyres fitted keeps deflating slowly ! I have to inflate approx once a week the tyre losing approx 10 psi. I have not had the time to take it back to the fitter yet. Quite inconvenient.
5 out of 10

Angus Greig - 5th January, 2011

These tyres represent decent value for money. For inexpensive tyres, their performance is reasonable for most driving conditions. I'm sure more expensive tyres will give improved performance levels, but this really depends on your driving style.
7 out of 10

DR MALCOLM WALLER - 30th November, 2010

10 out of 10

- 1st October, 2010

decent wearing budget tyre, ok on a shopping trolley would not put them on anything with a bit of oomf.
7 out of 10

mr sbamford - 30th September, 2010

great tyres
7 out of 10

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