Manufacturer: Toyo
Tyre: Toyo 350


Japan based Toyo Tyres have developed the Toyo 350 tyres for small to medium passenger cars. Focused as they are on enhanced fuel efficiency and high mileage, the Toyo 350 tyres represent good value for money for buyers. In addition, the tyres are also associated with reduced tyre noise and provide exceptional safety on wet surface. Toyo Tyres is no stranger to producing high quality, hardworking tyres. The company’s Toyo Proxes ST tyres are amongst the most popular tyres for high performance SUVs that are consistently driven on rough roads and in tough weather conditions.

The Toyo 350 tyres exhibit a clean cut good looking tread pattern, which is responsible for most of the features exhibited by the tyres.

Superior handling characteristics: The tread pattern of the Toyo 350 tyres is symmetric in nature and comprises wide rigid tread blocks on the outer shoulder. The presence of multi-wave sipes in the tread shoulder enhances the grip of the tyres and contributes to superior handling characteristics. Thus you remain in control of the car at all times.
Exceptional wet safety: The Toyo 350 tyres exhibit two wide circumferential channels that help in water evacuation to provide exceptional safety on wet surface. The presence of circumferential sipes further enhances grip and handling on wet surfaces.
Reduced tyre noise: Equipped with ‘silent wall’ technology in the main circumferential grooves, the Toyo 350 tyres are amongst the quietest tyres in their class.
High wear resistance: The tread pattern of the Toyo 350 tyres is optimised in such a manner that irregular wear on the tyre shoulder is minimised. Because of even all-round wear, the tread lasts longer, obviating the need for frequent expensive tyre replacements.
Enhanced fuel efficiency: The tread compound used in the Toyo 350 tyres has lower rolling resistance, as compared to its predecessor, resulting in more efficient fuel consumption and reduced fuel utilisation.

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john - 24th February, 2012

great value for money,rather noisy in corners,excellent grip wet and dry,
10 out of 10

J E Rowley - 2nd November, 2011

Have used these tyres previously and I am very satisfied with price and performance.
10 out of 10

Jonathan Davies - 17th June, 2011

I must admit I was a bit nervous using a brand I hadn't heard of before but the reviews were positive so I thought I'd give these a go. The tyres are great with the right balance of wear and grip and at the price they are fantastic value for quality you wouldn't expect to get at this end of the market. They are for my daughter's car and so I wasn't going to risk using anything I didn't have full confidence in but the other reviewers are absolutely spot on these tyres are excellent. Coupled with the great service from National and all round this is a very good deal.
10 out of 10

sAM - 9th March, 2011

7 out of 10

Ken Laing - 24th February, 2011

Replaced Tyres suppied on Matiz ( Solus) as I could feel them loosing grip cornrering on moist roads. Fitting day coincided with 3 inches of snow.... an immediate satisfying improvement.. Very good grip, well tested in 6 weeks of snow at end of 2010. I highly recommend for Matiz.
10 out of 10

Dave G - 1st October, 2010

These are a huge improvement in every respect over the standard fitted tyres and some of the cheapest I came across. I'll deffinitely be using these from now on.
10 out of 10

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