Manufacturer: Toyo
Tyre: Toyo OP/C HT


The Toyo OP/C HT tyres are SUV tyres from Toyo tyres suitable for vehicles that spend more time on road than off it. This becomes all the more obvious from the tyre name itself, where OP/C HT stands for Open Country/ Highway Terrain tyres. Japan based Toyo Tyres also offers all-terrain tyres for SUVs under the brand name – Toyo OP/C AT tyres, which exhibit a more aggressive tread design to cope with the rugged off road terrains.

Increased steering responsiveness:  The unique tread pattern of the Toyo OP/C HT tyres maximises the contact patch of the tread with the surface, enhancing the steering responsiveness. This also increases the cornering stability, so that you can confidently make those sharp turns even at high speeds.
Greater wet safety: The circumferential grooves and lateral sipes present on the tread surface of the Toyo OP/C HT tyres serve as effective water displacement channels. As they quickly channelise water away from the tread, resistance to aquaplaning increases, enhancing your safety on wet roads.
Increased traction: The tyres are associated with increased grip and traction on dry and wet surface. In fact the Toyo OP/C HT tyres provide adequate traction on light snow too. Because of the increased traction, the tyres stop much shorter as compared to their predecessors on all surfaces when brakes are applied.
Extended tyre life: The tread design is optimised to even out the tread wear, resulting in high performance for a long period of time.
Reduced tyre noise: Since the Toyo OP/C HT tyres are specific highway terrain tyres, meant for use mainly on paved roads, they exhibit a more shallow tread depth. Hence the sound of air passing through the tread grooves is minimised, resulting in reduced tyre noise. The ride smoothness is also increased ensuring a peaceful and comfortable ride.

The Toyo OP/C HT tyres are best suited for suburban road driving and highway driving. They are available in sizes to fit smaller luxury SUVs as well as larger workhorses, you may be using commercially. With the Toyo OP/C HT tyres you can expect maximum ride comfort while driving on city roads and highways, accompanied by superior handling characteristics, increased wet safety parameters and reduced tyre noise. The tyres also prevent irregular tread wear and last for a long time before the need arises for replacing them.

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
215 60 16 95H H
235 75 15 105S S
235 65 16 101S S
255 65 17 110H H
235 75 17 108S S
275 65 17 115H H
Brian Provan - 25th December, 2015

These are the poorest tyres I have ever bought I would not recommend buying these tyres.
1 out of 10