Manufacturer: Rovelo
Tyre: Rovelo RHP-778


The Rovelo RHP-778 tyres are part of our budget tyre range, offering excellent performance at affordable pricing. The Rovelo RHP-778 tyre is a summer tyre which ensures a safe and comfortable driving experience. This is due to the excellent gripping qualities in both dry and wet conditions.

Fantastic grip levels: The superior grip levels of the Rovelo RHP-778 tyres help maximise driver safety. Reduced braking distances help ensure excellent levels of control on both dry and wet road surfaces. This means you can feel safe when driving, no matter the conditions.
Increased handling characteristics: The grip levels of the Rovelo RHP-778 tyres also help contribute positively towards improved braking and steering responsiveness. As well as reduced stopping distances, handling is also enhanced, even in wet and difficult conditions.
Wet weather performance: The risk of skidding, losing control or aquaplaning in wet or difficult conditions is greatly reduced. On wet road surfaces, the grooves within the tyre tread help disperse water to minimise the risk of skidding.
Improved overall performance: Overall, the Rovelo RHP-778 tyres help contribute to a positive driving experience. The improved levels of grip, combined with the superior safety levels make the Rovelo RHP-778 tyres excellent value for money.

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195 60 15 88H H
william collins - 1st May, 2016

decent quality budget car tyres, perfect for drivers who drive safely in the various road conditions.
9 out of 10

Paul Leach - 26th January, 2016

Appear to be wearing well, with little degradation.
9 out of 10

Mrs Popovich - 25th January, 2016

Excellent value tyres, will definitely recommend them
10 out of 10

Andrew - 8th January, 2016

A very good budget tyre however remember you do get what you pay for.
8 out of 10

David Wood - 26th December, 2015

I should like to add that a week ago I went to check my tyre pressure as I normally do once a month I was replacing caps and my front offside tyre was completely flat I had to drive maybe half a mile to kwikfit who advised the valve had gone fitted new and was ok but how annoying after only had tyres a few weeks
8 out of 10

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