Manufacturer: Pirelli
Tyre: Pirelli Cinturato P1


The Pirelli Cinturato P1 tyre is suited for city and compact cars. The tyre offers good control in both dry and wet conditions ensuring a comfortable driving experience. There is also a reduction of rolling resistance, especially in urban situations.

Improved safety on both wet and dry conditions: The Pirelli Cinturato P1 tyre uses hybrid materials coupled with its innovative tread pattern design to ensure improved grip levels. This results in improved stability and control on both dry and wet road surfaces. 
Reduced noise levels: The tread design of the tyre has been optimised with a specific pitch sequence. This results in reduced noise emissions, improving the overall drive experience and quietness within the vehicle. 
Heightened levels of comfort: The Pirelli Cinturato P1 entails a new mould profile. This improves tension control and helps minimise impact effects to ensure a comfortable driving experience. 
Lower fuel consumption: You can be assured of excellent value for money due to the reduction in rolling resistance. This is due to new materials and the use of innovative compounds. 

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
175 65 14 82T T
165 70 14 81T T
165 65 14 79T T
155 65 14 75T T
175 65 15 84T T
195 65 15 91T T
165 65 15 81T T
165 60 14 75H H
195 65 15 95H H
185 55 15 82H H
155 60 15 74H H
175 55 15 77H H
205 60 15 91V V
205 60 15 91H H
185 55 15 82V V
205 65 15 94H H
205 65 15 94T T
225 50 17 98V V
Neville knowles - 8th November, 2015

I have had pirelli tyres before and have given exeptional wear.
10 out of 10

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Grip in the Wet
Steering Responsiveness
Cornering Stability
Resistance to Aquaplaning
Tread wear versus mileage
Ride comfort and smoothness
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Quality versus price
General appearance / tread pattern
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