Manufacturer: Michelin
Tyre: Michelin Primacy HP


The Michelin Primacy HP tyres are premium tyres suited for high performance saloon vehicles.  This summer tyre ensures excellent steering responsiveness on both dry and wet road surfaces. Tyre longevity has also been significantly improved, ensuring even tyre wear and high mileage characteristics.

Maximum stability and control: Due to the superior grip levels of the Michelin Primacy HP tyre, you can be confident of maximum control when driving, especially when cornering. The rubber compound used within the tyre tread helps improve traction with the road surface.
Fantastic wet weather performance: Braking distances have been dramatically reduced to ensure improved safety on wet road surfaces. The risk of aquaplaning is also minimised to guarantee maximum control.
Improved tyre longevity: The rigid tyre formation ensures the capability to drive for an increased number of miles. The tyre life has been extended due to even tyre wear, which ensures high mileage characteristics.
Outstanding comfort levels: The Michelin Primacy HP tyre helps increase comfort levels when driving. This is due to the reduced noise levels to ensure a quiet drive without any distractions.

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
205 55 16 91V V
225 45 17 91W W
225 45 17 91Y Y
215 45 17 87W W
235 45 17 94W W
215 45 17 87W W
215 60 16 95V V
225 55 16 95Y Y
245 40 17 91Y Y
245 40 17 91W W
225 50 17 94Y Y
205 60 16 92W W
205 50 17 89V V
225 50 16 92V V
225 50 16 92W W
205 50 17 89W W
245 45 17 95W W
225 50 17 94V V
235 55 17 99W W
215 55 17 94V V
255 40 17 94W W
255 45 18 99Y Y
245 50 18 100W W
275 45 18 103Y Y
245 40 20 95Y Y
275 35 19 96Y Y
Rob henson - 3rd July, 2012

Driven these tyres which were on a new vehicle very carefully, tread has nearly gone on all four wheels after 16000 miles would not recommend these!
1 out of 10

Andy P - 29th June, 2012

A lot of road noise with these tyres, OK on smooth roads but not on the majority of roads. Tyres follow lines in road. Previous Yokohamas much better.
1 out of 10

Andrew Parry - 28th June, 2012

A lot of road noise from these tyres. Tyres follow lines in roads.
1 out of 10

Dr C feingold - 20th May, 2012

Down to 3mm @ 15000 mls-not good enough
6 out of 10

J Russell - 14th March, 2012

Very plesaed with these tyres, I always buy Michelins a bit more expensive but well worth it.
10 out of 10

Robert Humphrey - 5th November, 2011

I have been very pleased with the tyres which were fitted to the car when I bought it new and the front tyres did 25000 before changing and the rear tyres are still original and are now on the way to 29000.
9 out of 10

S Jenkins - 23rd September, 2011

I expected to get reduced grip with these tyres as the tread wear is very good and Michelin tyres I used 20-30 years ago gave good mileage at the expense of poor grip , particularly in the wet. I was really impressed with these.
10 out of 10

Jamie - 18th October, 2010

Tyres don't last a great deal of time
2 out of 10

Garry - 14th October, 2010

These tyres gave 100% better traction when setting off from standstill than the terrible bridgestones the car was supplied with from new
8 out of 10

Jackie Lewis - 13th October, 2010

I had clocked 54000 miles before I had to change all 4 tyres
10 out of 10

S Robinson - 2nd October, 2010

since i bought my tyres on the front and had them fitted, i have had to re inflate them every three days as they keep on lossing air even after going back with them. i would have liked them been resealed if possible but they said i needed my allos re doing.
8 out of 10

Andrew Bird - 30th September, 2010

20000 miles driven since fitting and only down to 5mm tread depth, looks like these tyres will return over 40000 miles which is excellent value. Std fitment Bridgestone Potenzas only gave 20000 mile full life by comparison.
10 out of 10

Richard Dawson - 30th September, 2010

Have had them fitted to my daughters Renault Megane.
10 out of 10

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