Manufacturer: Michelin
Tyre: Michelin Pilot Sport 2


The Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres are premium tyres suited for high range sports cars and sedans. These summer tyres offer ultra-high levels of performance through improved endurance. The Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres guarantees exceptional levels of grip and are suitable for some of the fastest cars in the world.

Improved tyre longevity: The tyre features a reinforced external shoulder. The rubber compound used within the shoulder is highly resistant to wear, extending the life of the tyre.
Heightened levels of comfort: The Michelin Pilot Sport 2 helps reduce tyre noise levels. The fantastic comfort levels complimented with the tyre’s ultra-high performance ensures an outstanding driving experience.
Fantastic wet weather performance: The Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyre offers outstanding levels of grip on both dry and wet road surfaces. The risk of skidding in wet conditions, as well as the risk of aquaplaning has been greatly reduced. This safety features also results in reduced braking distances, even at a great speed.
Excellent handling characteristics: Due to Michelin’s ‘Bi-Compound Technology’ steering control and grip have been improved dramatically. This technology uses two different types of rubber compound, one on the inside and one of the outside of the tread. The outside compound ensures exceptional grip. While the inside compound ensures optimised steering control.

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
205 50 17 89Y Y
245 40 18 93Y Y
235 45 18 94Y Y
255 40 17 94Y Y
235 50 17 96Y Y
255 40 19 100Y Y
245 35 18 92Y Y
245 35 19 93Y Y
265 40 18 101Y Y
255 40 20 101Y Y
275 35 18 95Y Y
265 35 19 94Y Y
265 35 19 98Y Y
265 30 20 94Y Y
295 35 18 99Y Y
295 30 19 100Y Y
305 25 20 97Y Y
275 35 19 100Y Y
295 25 22 97Y Y
325 30 20 106Y Y
JOHN BAXTER - 27th November, 2011

Very impressed with life of tyres, 20k per set of 4. Superb grip in dry but be careful in the wet and leave at home if snow or ice is forecast.
10 out of 10

Paul Brison - 30th September, 2010

The tyres do not grip well in snowy or icy conditions during the winter but are great in the hot summer weather.
9 out of 10

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Grip in the Wet
Steering Responsiveness
Cornering Stability
Resistance to Aquaplaning
Tread wear versus mileage
Ride comfort and smoothness
Noise level
Quality versus price
General appearance / tread pattern
Overall rating