Manufacturer: Michelin
Tyre: Michelin Latitude Tour


The Michelin Latitude Tour tyres from French tyres conglomerate Michelin Tyres are 4x4 tyres for SUVs and Crossovers. SUV drivers looking for fuel efficiency that does not compromise on performance and ride comfort will be very happy with these tyres. Michelin, one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers has long been associated with innovative tyre technologies and the Michelin Latitude Tour tyres exhibit a variety of technologies that maximise their performance in all areas. To ensure that the benefits of these tyres are available for maximum vehicles, Michelin has also launched the load reinforced version - the Michelin Latitude Tour XL tyres, also available in the run flat version- the Michelin Latitude Tour XL Runflat tyres. The Michelin Latitude Tour tyres are all-season tyres and provide good traction all year round including in light snow. However they are mostly on road tyres, not suitable for rugged off road applications. The Michelin Latitude Tour tyres are fortified with the following technologies that deliver performance.

Michelin Max Touch Construction Technology: This technology aims to maximise the miles delivered by the tyres despite tread wear. Thus the Michelin Latitude Tour tyres last long.
Green X Technology: More a Michelin tyre standard than a technology, all Michelin Green X tyres, including the Michelin Latitude Tour tyres are associated with enhanced fuel efficiency. This obviously reduces fuel costs and is more environment friendly.
Michelin Comfort Control Technology: This technology refers to the computer optimisation of tread blocks and the use of precision manufacturing which results in reduced noise and increased comfort associated with the Michelin Latitude Tour tyres.
Improved Handling Characteristics: The Michelin Latitude Tour tyres exhibit a symmetric tread design with stable shoulder blocks. These maximise contact on dry surface, conferring exceptional handling characteristics and cornering stability to the tyres. The presence of a stabilising central rib adds to responsiveness and highway stability.
Greater Confidence on Wet Surfaces: The tread pattern of the Michelin Latitude Tour tyres contains wide circumferential grooves that enhance aquaplaning resistance and improve confidence on wet surface. Due to greater grip and traction these tyres stop 5% shorter on wet surfaces as compared to their predecessors.
Greater Fuel Efficiency: The use of silica intensive compound that reduces rolling resistance increases the fuel efficiency of the Michelin Latitude Tour tyres.
High Speed Capability: The presence of twin steel belts and nylon wrap within the tyre carcass reinforce the tyre structure internally, enabling high speed capability and stability.

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
215 65 16 98H H
235 60 16 100H H
225 65 17 102H H
235 65 17 104V V
235 65 17 104H H
235 65 17 104V V
235 60 18 103H H
235 55 17 99H H
215 60 16 95H H
255 60 18 112V V
235 60 18 103V V
235 60 18 103V V
255 55 18 105V V
235 55 19 101V V
235 55 18 100V V
255 55 19 111V V
275 70 16 114H H
235 55 19 101V V
235 55 19 101H H
235 65 18 104H H
265 60 18 109H H
265 60 18 110V V
255 50 19 103V V
255 50 19 107W W
255 50 19 107H H
275 45 19 108V V
265 45 20 104V V
265 50 19 110V V
235 55 20 102H H
255 50 19 107H H
295 40 20 106V V
Richard Swift - 14th November, 2015

I have used this brand before and they offer a good value product which llhas longevity.
10 out of 10

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