Manufacturer: Firestone
Tyre: Firestone F580


The Firestone F580 tyres from Firestone Tyres are all season touring tyres for passenger cars, specifically designed to deliver high levels of performance without compromising on fuel efficiency. Often high performance is accompanied by fuel guzzling features, and that is too high a price to pay for an exhilarating ride...literally. And for drivers of small to medium passenger cars, if a choice has to be made between high performance and fuel efficiency, it will most likely be the latter. However with the Firestone F580 tyres, you can have both. Firestone Tyres is Japanese tyre biggie Bridgestone Tyres’ economy range brand. Comprising some of the best high quality high value tyres like the popular Firestone Multihawk tyres, Firestone Tyres is committed to values of high quality and maximum affordability in all its products. And the Firestone F580 tyres are no different.

The Firestone F580 tyres are all season touring tyres. Besides passenger cars, they are also suitable for light trucks. They provide good traction on light snowy surface conditions. The Firestone F580 tyres are used as original equipment by several reputed manufacturers and are suitable for fitment on a range of vehicles such as the BMW 2000, BMW 2500, Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Golf and many others. 

Precise Handling Characteristics: The tyres enhance the handling characteristics significantly, resulting in more precise steering responsiveness. This makes it easier to manoeuvre the car under all driving conditions be it straight line driving or while negotiating curves.
Improved Braking Responsiveness:The tread compound of the Firestone F580 tyres has inherent high grip properties, resulting in greater traction and improved braking responsiveness on both wet and dry surface.
Increased Ride Comfort: The Firestone F580 tyres reduce tyre noise levels and deliver a smooth ride experience, increasing the ride comfort significantly.

The Firestone F580 tyres design is optimised to reduce rolling resistance resulting in greater fuel economy. In fact the ‘F’ in the tyre name stands for fuel saving. Compared to its predecessors, the rolling resistance of the Firestone F580 tyres has been lowered by 30%, resulting in overall fuel saving of 6%.

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175 65 14 90/88T R
175 65 14 90T R
165 70 14 89/87R R
195 60 16 99/97H R
Mrs H Marsh - 6th August, 2012

With 40 years' driving experience, they simply feel good. Very happy with them. I'd also like to commend the excellent, personal service I received. And I was impressed that National stocked my unusual size of tyre.
6 out of 10

Carlos` - 16th March, 2012

I think these tyres are made from a teflon type material. Grip even in dry conditions is mediocre dropping to appalling in the wet. Wear very fast too. For a branded name like Firestone you'd expect quality which these definitely lack. Very disappointing tyres.
1 out of 10

Jon Gathercole - 5th February, 2012

Pretty good all-rounder with good tread wear rating.
7 out of 10

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