Manufacturer: Dunlop
Tyre: Dunlop SP2030


Rarely one comes across tyres that score on all crucial performance parameters. Usually there is a trade-off between performance and noise levels or one has to live with a bumpy ride to experience precision handling characteristics. But the Dunlop SP2030 tyres from Dunlop Tyres are one of the few tyres that combine the best of all features in a single tyre to give you a comfortable and exhilarating ride experience. These tyres are a natural fit for performance enhanced luxury vehicles and are also suitable for light trucks and SUVs. They form the original equipment for a number of leading automotive models. But that is hardly surprising, given that Dunlop Tyres is one of the oldest and most reputed tyre manufacturers in the world. There are several tyres in the Dunlop SP range for ultra high performance vehicles including the Dunlop SP Sport 01 tyres and the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tyres. Like many ultra high performance tyres, the Dunlop SP2030 tyres are exclusive summer tyres and need to be replaced at the onset of winter.

Exceptional wet safety and traction: The Dunlop SP2030 tyres have a unique tyre tread design, which maximises wet handling and traction, improving safety on wet roads significantly. The tyre tread comprises wide circumferential grooves that are so deep as to be almost vertical-walled. This unique design expels out water from the surface effectively and rapidly, maintaining unparalleled control on wet surface through out the tyre life.
Improved handling characteristics: The Dunlop SP2030 tyres have a triple tread radius. This increases the tread contact with the road. As a result, grip is greater, allowing you to maintain greater control on the car at high speeds during cornering as well as straight line driving. This increases the pleasure of driving by enabling high speeds. And the increased braking responsiveness due to the enhanced grip is an obvious safety advantage.
Ride comfort: The Dunlop SP2030 tyres are also associated with enhancing the ride comfort making the ride quality smooth and reducing the noise levels.This is possible in part due to the Joint Less Band (JLB) technology of the tyres, a proprietary Dunlop technology seen in several of their tyres. The JLB technology reinforces the tyre structure from within enhancing its shock absorption qualities, so that you experience a smooth ride.

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Alan Horne - 21st February, 2012

As far as I am conncerned the Tyres I purchased are great value for the cost
10 out of 10

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