Manufacturer: Dunlop
Tyre: Dunlop SP Sport BluResponse


Dunlop SP Sport BluResponse is a premium tyre suited for high-performance driving. These tyres offer safety and improved handling in wet or dry summer conditions.

  • Improved steering: The asymmetric tread ensures you will feel improved handling in both wet and dry conditions and the risk of aquaplaning is reduced significantly
  • Reduced rolling resistance: By reducing rolling resistance with the innovative silica compound, these tyres ensure you will use less fuel when driving
  • Comfort: Reducing noise levels when driving can create more comfort and safety. Grooves within the tyre tread have been constructed to achieve this
  • Improved stability: Increasing the contact patch has ensured that there is an increased level of grip, which allows tyres to respond quickly to your control
  • Tread Design: The innovation and design of the tread allow for better grip and traction, as well as uniform wear and tear
  • Pairing ultra-high performance, significant safety innovations and improved handling characteristics these tyres are also great value for money; using innovation to create safety
  • Excellent handling characteristics on even the most difficult of road surfaces
  • Cost savings through reduced rolling resistance
  • Heightened comfort levels due to minimised noise levels
  • Improved stability when cornering in both wet and dry conditions
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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
185 60 14 82H H
195 65 15 91H H
195 65 15 91V V
205 55 16 91W W
205 55 16 91V V
205 55 16 91V V
205 55 16 91H H
205 55 16 91V V
185 65 15 88H H
185 60 15 84H H
185 60 15 84H H
185 60 15 84H H
175 65 15 84H H
185 65 14 86H H
195 60 15 88H H
185 55 15 82H H
195 65 15 95H H
165 65 15 81H H
185 60 15 84H H
195 55 15 85H H
185 55 14 80H H
185 55 15 82V V
195 55 15 85V V
195 45 16 84V V
205 65 15 94V V
215 65 15 96H H
225 45 17 94W W
205 60 15 95H H
205 65 15 94H H
195 50 16 84V V
215 60 16 95V V
215 55 16 93V V
205 60 16 96V V
195 50 16 88V V
205 50 17 89V V
205 50 17 93W W
195 60 16 89V V
205 50 17 89H H
225 50 17 98W W
215 50 17 95W W
225 55 16 95V V
205 55 17 95Y Y
225 60 16 102W W
Mick - 14th February, 2016

Very good value. It was well worth using the internet after gaining quotes from the garages for my own comparison. I'd recommend everyone to do the same. I saved 25%.
8 out of 10

GMcGovern - 11th February, 2016

More edge to them versus their Goodyear equivalents and they grip like limpets in the wet...and they're not too bad in the snow either.
10 out of 10

Mr David Hogg - 9th February, 2016

Not great in icy conditions.
9 out of 10

Yasmin - 6th February, 2016

Much quieter than my previous tyres. I like them.
8 out of 10

John McDermott - 3rd February, 2016

The tyres themselves are fine
7 out of 10

Philip Gillum - 31st January, 2016

They are brilliant. The car is so quiet and responsive. I would recommend these tyres to anyone and the price was so good compared to other suppliers. 4 tyres less that £180 top quality what else could I ask for.
10 out of 10

Kevin penny - 24th January, 2016

The elgrand had a lack of grip before in damp conditions, not anymore, it gives a quieter and more confident drive. Excellent
10 out of 10

Peter Goodwin - 18th January, 2016

Fairly average mid range tyres but quieter than some and a good price.
8 out of 10

Michael - 14th January, 2016

Because of the EU tyre rating system, comparing tyre performances of different brands is so easy. I bought these tyres because of the ratings.
10 out of 10

Geoffrey Falk - 14th November, 2015

I thought/hopped these tyres would improve my MPG. Whilst they have a little bit, I think only only about 2 or 3 MPG. But this would not stop me from buying another set of these tyres, as they are very good.
10 out of 10

R Sydenham - 4th October, 2015

Good fitting service
9 out of 10

Bex Smith - 17th September, 2015

They're doing the job... not convinced about the fuel economy claims but that's neither here nor there. The tread wear question is impossible to answer at this stage!
8 out of 10

Darren - 20th February, 2014

Nearly worn down after 9000. Wouldn't buy this brand again.
1 out of 10

Keith H - 20th August, 2013

I've had the old Dunlop SP Sport 2000E on the rear for a while, so thought that I'd try these latest Dunlops on the front. While the weather has not been appropriate to really test grip in the wet, I can say that grip and road feel in the dry is excellent as is ride comfort. I'll definitely consider putting these on the rear when the old Dunlops need replacing.
9 out of 10

Matthew - 10th August, 2013

Not anywhere near as responsive as my old Bridgestone ER300 tyres - but this is the trade off for quieter, smoother and more fuel efficient tyre. Not really the best choice for a little car & spirited driving, but in the right car they're a perfectly good tyre.
7 out of 10

Matthew - 10th August, 2013

Not anywhere near as responsive as my old Bridgestone ER300 tyres - but this is the trade off for quieter, smoother and more fuel efficient tyre. Not really the best choice for a little car & spirited driving so wont buy again, but in the right car they're a perfectly good tyre.
7 out of 10

Johnny - 10th August, 2013

Exceptional tyres for the price. I am very impressed. They have received many good official road test reviews. Great in the dry, excellent cornering in the wet as well, very stable and confident. The only issue I've ever had is setting off from a standstill on a roundabout in wet, slightly greasy roads. I got some wheel-spin. No more or less than my older, Bridgestone tyres, but I expected them to grip a little better, however, the tyres were cold at the time and my car does not have traction control. Overall, I recommend these for any driving style. Good fat tyre wall on my size, which protects the alloy wheel from curbing damage.
10 out of 10

Mr. Derek J. Flight - 7th August, 2013

Question 5 not experienced yet. Question 6 not covered enough mileage on new tyres to tell.
10 out of 10

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