Manufacturer: Dunlop
Tyre: Dunlop Fast Response LR R


Choosing the perfect tyres for your vehicle is important to ensure a safe and satisfying journey. Dunlop Fast Response LR R tyres are the right choice for you if you want comfort and performance in your drive. Dunlop Tyres is a renowned manufacturer of a world-class range of tyres built for superior performance in varying weather conditions. Dunlop’s Fast Response tyre lineup includes other heavy-duty performers such as Dunlop Fast Response XL tyres that adds extra capacity to your vehicle to carry heavier loads with ease.

Optimised rolling resistance:  The Dunlop Fast Response LR R tyres are specific low rolling resistance tyres and the LR R in the tyre name stands for ‘Low Rolling Resistance’. Reduced rolling resistance is an important factor for enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing fuel costs. While running on the road, tyres come across a lot of friction with the road surface that results in resistance to their smooth motion forward. This wastes a lot of energy and hence increases the fuel consumption. About 5%-15% fuel is consumed just to overcome this rolling resistance for light-duty cars. This percentage hikes to about 15%-30% for heavier locomotives. The low rolling resistance feature of the Dunlop Fast Response LR R tyres reduces this rolling resistance considerably. This allows the tyres travel more smoothly on any surface enhancing fuel efficiency significantly.
Enhanced traction on any surface: Dunlop Fast Response LR R tyres have a stronger hold on dry as well as wet roads alike making your travel safe and convenient at all times. This occurs due to the innovative tread compound with high content of silica and special molecular ‘cross linking’ that offers extra stiffness and improves grip.
Increased steering responsiveness: The Dunlop Fast Response LR R tyre design comprises a centrally located rib, wide shoulder ribs and the powerful shoulder grooves that run laterally. This unique design provides extreme stability and an enhanced steering response, conferring excellent traction so that they can effortlessly climb on steep surfaces without sliding.
Lower noise level: High noise due to friction can lower the efficiency of a driver in many ways. Dunlop Fast Response LR R tyres offer a quiet and effortless ride for the drivers by their cutting edge technology with low noise generation pattern.

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Richard - 30th June, 2011

Am not to sure how long the tyres are going to last, I have only done 3000 miles and they seem fine at the moment.
10 out of 10

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