Manufacturer: Continental
Tyre: Continental Premium Contact 5


Known as “the perfect all-rounder,” theContinental Premium Contact 5 tyre from Continental Tyres, combines safety, comfort and maximum performance for a driving experience like none other.Continental ranks fourth among tyre manufacturers in the world. The company places high emphasis on innovation and incorporates modern tyre technology in each of its tyre masterpieces. The Continental Premium Contact 5 tyre is a summer touring tyre designed to bring the best out of your passenger cars. Explore your vehicle’s maximum
performance as you tour the streets with power with these tyres.

The Continental Premium Contact 5 tyre boasts of extremely short breaking distances on wet and dry surfaces. It also displays exceptional aquaplaning resistance. This tyre enhances your safety and improves your level of comfort with its precise cornering ability on all types of road surfaces. Thus these are a truly value-for-money investment. The Continental Premium Contact 5 tyres exhibit reduced rolling resistance, enhancing fuel economy. They offer the driver perfect grip and excellent handling in all types of driving conditions. This tyre is perfect for your vehicle, especially if the weather conditions where you live are very unpredictable. Tread design is optimised to eliminate uneven wear and increase tyre life.

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
205 55 16 91V V
215 70 16 100H H
225 55 17 97W W
225 55 17 97W W