Manufacturer: Continental
Tyre: Continental Winter Contact TS800


The Continental Winter Contact TS800 tyres are premium tyres suited for compact range vehicles. These winter tyres offer exceptional safety reserves on all road conditions. You can be confident of maximum control, even in the most challenging on winter conditions.

Excellent cornering stability: Due to the extreme rigidness of the tyre, the elongated honeycombs allow for better handling in all conditions during low temperatures. You will no longer need to worry when driving in difficult, icy conditions.
Fantastic winter weather performance: In snow or ice, these tyres allow for excellent driver safety and stability. Due to the fantastic grip levels of the tyre, you can be assured of maximum control.
Protection against aquaplaning: There is a massively reduced risk of aquaplaning in wet conditions due to the aqua-dynamic groove structure of the tyre. This effectively disperses the surface water to minimise any risk of skidding and losing control.
Outstanding braking responsiveness: The traction with the road surface and the tyre is greatly enhanced. This allows for reduced braking distances, even in icy or snowy conditions. 

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
125 80 13 65Q Q
145 80 13 75Q Q
155 65 13 73T T
155 70 13 75T T
175 65 13 80T T
195 50 15 82T T
155 60 15 74T T
175 55 15 77T T