Manufacturer: Continental
Tyre: Continental Vanco 4S-2


The Continental Vanco Four Season 2 tyres are premium tyres suited for transporters and vans. These van tyres are known for exceptional performance all year round. As well as offering ultra-high performance in all weather conditions, these tyres also offer optimum braking performance and safety.

Improved tyre longevity: These tyres offer maximum wear resistance due to the optimised rolling resistance. The improved rubber compound provides excellent economy throughout the year. 
Perfect handling in dry conditions: The improved grip levels ensure that braking distances have been reduced. The rigid tread pattern proves perfect handling and stability on dry roads.
Excellent safety levels on wet surfaces: Water and slush is dispersed effectively to allow reliable traction and braking performance. This ensures that the risk of aquaplaning in wet conditions is significantly reduced.
Heightened levels of comfort: Due to the maximum control when driving, you can be confident of a smooth and positive driving experience. You can be assured of a comfortable drive with improved braking and steering responsiveness.

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