Manufacturer: Continental
Tyre: Continental Sport Contact 5 Seal


The Continental Sport Contact 5 SEAL tyres are premium tyres suited high performance and luxury vehicles. These tyres are designed to seal punctures in the main tread. The puncture is immediately sealed up to 5mm in diameter, ensuring there is no need for a roadside tyre change.

Improved road grip: Safety levels have been improved in both dry and wet weather conditions. This is due to the larger contact area which adapts to the road surface, providing improved grip and cornering.
Increased mileage capabilities: Fuel economy has been increased due to reduced rolling resistance. Due to this, you can drive for an increased number of miles without needing to change your tyres.
Excellent steering responsiveness: Tyre performance has been improved in key areas such as handling. Due to the improved traction with the road surface, you can be assured of maximum control when driving in both wet and dry conditions.
Optimum braking performance: Braking distances have been reduced to increase safety and improve driver control. You can now be confident of a positive driving experience with the combination of ultra-high performance and safety.

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
235 45 17 94W W
245 45 18 96W W
235 40 18 95W W
235 55 18 100V V
255 40 21 102Y Y
285 35 21 105Y Y
Phil Morris - 19th January, 2016

Have not had a puncture in years. Not sure if that's down to the tyres.
10 out of 10

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