Manufacturer: Continental
Tyre: Continental Premium Contact 2 A/S E


The Continental Premium Contact 2 tyres are premium summer tyres suited for mid-sized and executive class vehicles. The tyres deliver high levels of safety on both wet and dry road surfaces. The winning combination of performance, safety and lower fuel economy make these tyres an excellent value for money proposition.

Exceptional overall stability: The innovative design technology incorporates 3D grooves on the asymmetric tread pattern. These 3D grooves are responsible for improving the overall stability of the vehicle, ensuring maximum comfort and safety when driving.
Improved braking responsiveness: Due to the asymmetric tread pattern, the outer shoulder of the tyres has compact, rigid tread blocks. Complemented by the shallow tread grooves, these blocks show exceptional grip and traction on dry surface, which results in reduced braking distances.
Enhanced safety on wet surfaces: The steep side of the 3D grooves towards the inner shoulder of the tread enables maximum clearance of surface water. This improves braking responsiveness on wet road surfaces as well as reducing the risk of aquaplaning.
Excellent steering responsiveness: The circumferential tread in the centre of the tyre is rigid and stiff. This contributes positively towards the handling and steering responsiveness through its excellent grip levels. You can be assured of excellent handling capabilities when driving, no matter the weather conditions.

Asymmetrical tyres have a different tread pattern on each side of the tyre. This allows different tread patterns with differing wet /dry performance characteristics to be combined in one tyre. Usually identifiable by an ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ marking on the sidewall of the tyre.

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185 55 16 83V V
Colin Pippard - 26th January, 2012

good road holding in the rain
10 out of 10

beale - 11th January, 2012

Only draw back garage stated urgently needed new brakes as badly corrodedbut independent garage checked them over and told nothing wrong.plenty of life.
9 out of 10

Graham Edwards - 29th November, 2011

light but positine steering have had Conti motorbike tyres before - these seem just as good
9 out of 10

Frank Brooke - 16th August, 2011

excellent tyres at a really good price had them before very good mileage from them, the car feels as if it is glued to the road. Will certainly buy again
10 out of 10

debra dakin - 28th October, 2010

thank you great price and quality, and a excellent service on fitting shame you have to have internet access to get all the above.
10 out of 10

brianscott - 5th October, 2010

I am very pleased with the tyres, the price and the service I received was excellent.
10 out of 10

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