Manufacturer: Bridgestone
Tyre: Bridgestone D689


Bridgestone Tyres range of 4x4 tyres is vast and comprises several products that cater to varied surface conditions. Marketed under the Dueler brand name, the range consists of highway terrain (HT), all terrain (AT), and mud terrain tyres. The Bridgestone D694 tyres are a popular choice for all terrain tyres. And in the Dueler HT tyre range, the most popular tyres are the Bridgestone D689 tyres. The Bridgestone D689 tyres are all season tyres with best performance in summer as well as winter. So you don’t have the trouble and expenditure of changing tyres when the seasons change. The tyres are refined and well balanced and optimised for highway performance. They offer high level of performance and comfort, bringing a sedan like comfort and handling while driving your SUV on highways. The Bridgestone D689 tyres perform well on parameters of grip, handling, tyre noise and tyre durability.

Grip: The innovative small block close knit tread pattern of the Bridgestone D689 tyres improves wet and dry grip as well as traction levels significantly. Thus the tyres are suitable for light snow conditions too, making them truly versatile all season tyres.
Handling characteristics: The tyre casing is rounded at the edges to better absorb the shocks during cornering, leading to predictable handling and greater control over the vehicle. The internal tyre construction is reinforced with twin steel belt and a polyester cord area that improves stability and also contributes towards cushioning the ride. Thus you can expect a smooth ride at all times and all speeds.
Tyre durability: The symmetric tread blocks on the Bridgestone D689 tyres are extra deep. This not only contributes to improved traction, but also enhances tyre life and durability.
Tyre noise: The tread pattern reduces tyre noise significantly, delivering a quiet and comfortable ride on the highways. Additionally, the Bridgestone D689 tyres deliver excellent wet weather performance, ensuring safety by reducing skidding risk on wet surface.

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
215 65 16 98H H
205 80 16 104T T
245 70 16 107S S
245 70 16 111S S
205 80 16 110R R
255 70 15 108S S
215 80 16 107S S
265 70 16 112S S
265 70 16 112H H
265 70 16 115R R

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