Manufacturer: Bridgestone
Tyre: Bridgestone BR LM001


The Bridgestone BR LM001 tyre is a winter tyre specifically suited to passenger vehicles. The directional pattern of the new LM001 features a “full lug” design which gives better snow traction and braking, while Bridgestone’s latest sipe design provides plenty of “edge effect” on slippery surfaces. At the same time this latest sipe design helps to provide more even tyre wear, giving LM001 longer wear life.Drivers will feel more confident in the wet as well, thanks to new horn-shaped grooves which clear water and slush and away from the contact patch faster, and the rounded corners of the tread blocks which improve water flow, giving better road contact and grip. Bridgestone has also applied its weight reduction programme to LM001. Using new construction materials, the tyre is now below the weight of its predecessor, promising motorists better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions. Another ecological advantage is reduced noise emissions, achieved by spreading noise energy through a higher number of pitches than its predecessor.

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