Manufacturer: Barum
Tyre: Barum Cargo


The Barum Cargo tyres offer a quiet and peaceful ride by reducing the tyre noise levels. At the same time, the ride quality and comfort are improved due to greater control of the vehicle and increased safety and stability.

Increased grip and safety on wet and dry surfaces: The tyre tread pattern serves as an excellent water drainage channel, reducing the risk of skidding on wet roads. Complex tread geometry of interlocking sipes improves grip levels significantly on dry roads.
Improved control on the vehicle: There are two reinforced compact ribs in the centre of the tread, which improve the steering responsiveness. This ensures you have complete control of the vehicle at all speeds and surfaces.
Improved long-term cost effectiveness: These tyres are resistant to uneven tyre wear which results in an extended tyre life. This is made possible due to the large tread lugs on the tyre shoulders. This ensures greater resistance to wear and tear.
Quiet and comfortable ride: Using high end technology, the tread pattern is optimised to reduce tyre noise significantly. This effect is achieved by varying the width of the shoulder tread lugs.

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195 70 15 97T R
Alex - 30th September, 2010

I would never purchase this make of tyre again, i do mainly motorway mileage and all i got from these tyres was a ridiculously low mileage of 12,500miles, a total rip off in my opinion.
1 out of 10

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