Manufacturer: Barum
Tyre: Barum Brillantis 2


The Barum Brillantis 2 tyres are manufactured by Barum – a prominent global tyre manufacturer.Barum tyres is a part of Continental AG group and is well-known for its broad range of performance-oriented and affordable tyres. Barum Brillantis 2 tyres are designed for small compact cars. With their unique tread pattern, these tyres offer high-performance and high levels ofsafety. This, combined with their super-affordable prices makes the Barum Brillantis 2 tyres an absolute value for money purchase.Experience amazing performance at unbelievable prices with the Barum Brillantis 2 tyres. This is Barum’s first ever compact car tyre to be designed with asymmetric tread pattern – the tyre offers optimal performance on wet and dry. The sturdy outer tread means improved steering responsiveness and hence greater vehicular control. The inner tread consists of sipes and lateral grooves that effectively channel water away from the tread, improving wet performance and safety. These tyres rank high on safety due to their enhanced braking responsiveness and 3% shorter braking distance.

  • Improved steering responsiveness to ensure maximum control of your car
  • Greater element of safety due to the reduced skid risk
  • Enhanced mileage and tyre life offering maximum value for money
  • Optimised rolling resistance to help ensure maximum cost savings

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
155 70 13 75T T
185 60 14 82T T
155 80 13 79T T
155 65 14 75T T
165 70 13 79T T
175 65 14 82T T
165 65 14 79T T
185 60 14 82H H
175 65 15 84T T
165 60 14 75T T
165 70 14 81T T
195 65 15 91V V
165 60 14 75H H
195 65 15 91T T
185 65 14 86T T
175 65 13 80T T
175 80 14 88T T
175 70 14 84T T
175 65 14 82H H
185 65 14 86H H
165 65 15 81T T
185 65 15 88H H
185 70 14 88T T
185 60 15 84H H
175 65 15 84H H
175 60 15 81H H
265 70 16 112H H
- 27th December, 2015

Good quality budget tyre. Fitted to my car and my two daughters cars.
10 out of 10

John Lay - 22nd December, 2015

I have used Barum tyres several times on different cars when the required size has been available. I have always found that they give good mileage and good driving, braking, etc to suit the way that I drive.
10 out of 10

Mike C - 23rd November, 2015

Excellent tyre, with good balance of grip, feel and cost.
10 out of 10

Mike - 13th October, 2015

Good quality tyre for the price.
8 out of 10

Ian Wright - 2nd October, 2015

I do a low annual mileage as I am often out of the country for 3/4 months most years recently. The extra guarantee was unexpected! I had spent a lot of time on the internet & also locally before discovering yourselves on the net. I will be needing 2 new tyres on the rear around my MOT date in July. The rear tyres are still the original ones from car newly purchased, newly registered in 2008. The 2 latest tyres on the front are the 3rd set from new. I hope these 2 latest tyres give me better mileage than previous, as 3k a year mileage, I felt was not good value. I will now see from 3 & 6 months ago what mileage I get. Today I recommended your company & Brillantis tyres, & also fantastic value at approx £40 per tyre.
10 out of 10

Chad - 2nd October, 2015

When the standard Khumo tyres needed replacing on the front I didn't hesitate to buy Barum Brilliantis 2 as I'd had them on my previous car. Much better feel, grip and they lasted longer too! They were not only the cheapest brand for my car on Tyreshopper but also came with the free lifetime guarantee. I will be putting them on the rear too when the time comes.
10 out of 10

jeff - 27th August, 2015

A good tyre for classic vehicles. Have also used these on by MGB for 3 years - wearing well and seem to perform OK.
10 out of 10

B McCreadie - 17th August, 2013

Good quality 'budget' tyre which performs perfectly well on my car.
10 out of 10

A Jenkinson - 30th July, 2013

Very good value for cost
8 out of 10

Chris - 30th July, 2013

I have used these tyres before and allways got good mileage and wear, great for the money.
10 out of 10

Iain - 13th September, 2012

I have used these tyres before with perfectly satisfactory results. They are relatively inexpensive and perform well although my drving style is not aggressive.
8 out of 10

Ian Brightmore - 27th August, 2012

Excellent for the money. Had Ceat tyres on before that squealed around roundabouts and understeered terribly. The Barums have solved all of the handing problems.
10 out of 10

Mark Crosbie - 9th August, 2012

After a good few months now, no problems ata ll with the Barum tyres. Good value for money & would reccommend them to anyone else.
10 out of 10

Bryan Cottenden - 4th August, 2012

Well satisfied, fit for purpose tyres.
10 out of 10

Darren W - 25th July, 2012

Really surprised how good these tyres are. Compared to my old tyres which were a premium brand these give much less road noise. They feel smoother and steering is more confident. Excellent and will definitely consider buying again.
10 out of 10

Michael - 24th July, 2012

This is first time I have used this make of tyres, and since purchasing them I have been pleased with their performance.
10 out of 10

steve - 19th July, 2012

cannot complain about anything when you compare the price of these tyres to the top brands.
10 out of 10

Mark Crosbie - 5th July, 2012

I like Barum as a mid-quality brand. Tyre shopper stock them all at good realistic prices. I have these tyres on both my cars now with no problems at all.
10 out of 10

Michael Howarth - 29th June, 2012

This is the first time I have used a budget brand, but after reading reviews was a little skeptical but thought for half the price give it a go, I am very happy so far and would say equally as good as the continental premium contact I had on before, if not quieter, very pleased overall, tread has hardly changed and done 5000 miles in three months, I would highly recommend these tyres, and will certainly buy again, also great service from nation tyres in Bridlington.
10 out of 10

Susan Thompson - 27th June, 2012

An excellent alternative to big brand name tyres
10 out of 10

Paul - 27th June, 2012

Best Tyres i have ever used
10 out of 10

Hubbard - 27th June, 2012

Generally pleased wth the tyres but I suspect that I am going to be disappointed with the longlevity of the tyres.
3 out of 10

Duncan - 26th June, 2012

Very pleased with the two tyres which were fitted on front. Would purchase again.
9 out of 10

DAVE CANTWELL - 13th June, 2012

10 out of 10

a seale - 6th June, 2012

Could be a cheaper price
7 out of 10

Bill Hughes - 5th June, 2012

After visiting three local tyre fitters and getting three different prices for four tyres of this quality, then checking loads of feedback on sites online I found Tyreshopper and bought the same tyres for about forty pounds less through them fitted at the same tyre depot who gave me the higher price a week before. It's a no brainer, I have since recomended Tyreshopper to friends and family.
10 out of 10

R foster - 18th April, 2012

good value for money, good performance
9 out of 10

Mrs Wright - 18th April, 2012

I Definitely recommend this brand of tyre. They are as good as the expensive range. Excellent tyre for the money. Cannot fault them really 10/10.
10 out of 10

Doug Quinney - 18th March, 2012

Until I fitted some to the wife's car a year or so ago I only knew of Barum as being an excellent tyre for speedway and grasstrack racing; now also an excellent keenly priced quality tyre for cars.
10 out of 10

PB - 12th March, 2012

Excellent tyres, very low noise, confident handling, grip and braking. Its a bit early to judge wear but the rolling resistance is definitely better than the Kumhos I replaced (on rear), and early signs are they will show good economy and longevity. Very pleased particularly as I got them fitted for just £55 each.
10 out of 10

les Hargreaves - 10th March, 2012

This is the second set of the same tyre for this car, as I was more than happy with the performance and durability of the first ones.
10 out of 10

PJ - 9th February, 2012

Great tyre, great price
10 out of 10

Michael Ramstedt - 7th February, 2012

very good priced tyres excellent road wearing abilities. Good grip in variouse conditions ice,snow and rain and muddy roads.
8 out of 10

Jason Murray - 31st January, 2012

Too early yet to tell how well they are wearing but tyres are great value for money.
8 out of 10

Pete - 25th January, 2012

Excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions. Quite capable of use on some unsurfaced byways as well. A good quality tyre, especially for the price.
9 out of 10

Pete - 25th January, 2012

Excellent grip in dry and wet conditions. Quite capable of use on some unsurfaced byways as well.
9 out of 10

Philip Jaggard - 15th January, 2012

For a budget tyre these are very good indeed and will certainly purchase again
8 out of 10

Ovidio - 13th January, 2012

I think they were good value for money!
9 out of 10

matthews - 6th January, 2012

all fine
10 out of 10

Ashley Cutler - 20th November, 2011

Have had Barums fitted to the Citroen C5, and the Barums seem to do well in the German reviews, so that swayed me.
10 out of 10

G Wagstaff - 18th November, 2011

to be fair i have not had chance to asses the tyres yet it will most likely be another 5 months after winter.
10 out of 10

Mick Atkinson - 5th November, 2011

No problems so far.
9 out of 10

Christina Kettle - 24th October, 2011

Good priced responsive tyre
9 out of 10

Vicky - 21st October, 2011

I have used cheap tyres before and really regretted it, these tyres were far from expensive but an have proved to be excellent value for money, so much so, i need new ones for the rear and will be buying these ones again.
10 out of 10

John William McEwan - 19th October, 2011

excellent price / performence ratio. Do you really need a premium tyre? These seem to do the job very well. Poss not suitable for the GT racer, but fine for family motoring on a budget
10 out of 10

mike - 30th September, 2011

The tyres are much quiter than those supplied with my car when it was new. They are much more flexible too making the ride a lot more comfortable. The downside to this is that the responsiveness appears less than before and I would not be confident taking corners aggressively with these tyres . Overall they are good value and for me the benefits outweigh the loss of cornering performance.
8 out of 10

James Edgar - 8th September, 2011

I would not consider any other brand,have used them for years on both cars.
5 out of 10

edd - 1st September, 2011

used on a caravan
8 out of 10

- 26th August, 2011

No problems
10 out of 10

Don Jones - 26th August, 2011

one of my new tyres blew out after about 1500 miles on the front of my car i have gone on to replace it with the same brand of tyre.
8 out of 10

Tony Lancaster - 11th August, 2011

for the money a very good reliable& safe tyre.
10 out of 10

Steve Wood - 26th July, 2011

Very happy!
10 out of 10

Annie Disbury - 27th June, 2011

7 out of 10

IAN - 25th June, 2011

8 out of 10

Mr I.Bingham - 16th June, 2011

Re; Ride comfort & smoothness. These tyres ride hard against my old ones, rather like being over-inflated, which they are not , but overall am very satisfied.
10 out of 10

Gavin Lewis - 9th June, 2011

This tyre is a great all rounder and fantastic value for money that comes with a quality you dont expect at this price.
9 out of 10

zaynab - 29th May, 2011

great quality for the price
10 out of 10

David Clark - 5th May, 2011

These tyres are apparently made by Continental, but a cheaper version of those that I had already had fitted which had worn down very quickly. At present I cannot really comment properly on the wear but would be able to do so maybe in 12 months when I am able to compare how well they are lasting to the more expensive Continentals.
10 out of 10

Rob - 3rd April, 2011

Good budget tyre, though cornering at speed could be better.
7 out of 10

Richardson - 30th March, 2011

Appear under pressure despite being fully/slightly over inflated, otherwise, they are just black rubber things that goes round with the wheels.
8 out of 10

Allan Kettle - 27th January, 2011

I got two tyres for two different cars. both have been very good so far. My wife and myself are very satisfied. We will use these make of tyres again.
10 out of 10

Paul Mattin - 24th January, 2011

Excellent in the resent heavy snow
7 out of 10

Miss BUTLER - 14th January, 2011

Since buying these tyres I have driven on ice both black and snow covered. I have to say that they are better than the more expensive and well branded ones on the cars we use for work. I had less wheel spins and stopped quicker. I feel little difference between the two during dry weather.
10 out of 10

Nigel Rudkin - 3rd November, 2010

seem a bargain
9 out of 10

mark everett - 1st November, 2010

Excellent mid range tyre especially in the wet
10 out of 10

- 9th October, 2010

Have bought Barums for years now and used on variety of cars. Keen price, good quality. Well up to the job. Used on cars to tow my caravan no probs.
9 out of 10

Jason Cross - 7th October, 2010

Do exactly what they say at a great price
10 out of 10

Bob Atha - 1st October, 2010

I have used these tyres for about7 years and cannot fault them I have not experienced any aquaplaning at all though whilst using any tyre at all/ My driving does not allow slipping anyway. I would recommend Barum Tyres to anyone for a mid range economy tyre!
10 out of 10

Tim - 30th September, 2010

Good value hard wearing tyres
10 out of 10

W.Taylor - 30th September, 2010

Good value for money.
10 out of 10

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