Manufacturer: Avon
Tyre: Avon Ranger 70


The Avon Ranger 70 tyres are premium 4x4 tyres, best suited for ultra high performance SUVs.The tyre requirements for SUVs differ significantly from those of passenger cars. The purpose of use of passenger cars and SUVs differs vastly. And accordingly, the design of the vehicle body changes. Passenger cars are meant more for regular on road usage with lower load carrying capacity. SUVs on the other hand are often designed on truck platforms. SUVs are associated with driving over aggressive terrain and carrying greater load, both in terms of more passengers and more cargo. Therefore SUV tyres have to be designed to adequately cater to these requirements.And the Avon Ranger 70 tyres from Avon Tyres do exactly that, making them the tyre choice for high performance SUVs. The Avon Ranger 70 tyres are part Avon’s premium 4x4 tyre collection titled Ranger. Another extremely popular model from this family is the Avon Ranger 65 tyres. The Avon Ranger 70 tyres are perfect for your SUV if you spend more time on the road than off it.

Increased Sidewall Height: The Avon Ranger 70 tyres offer an increased profile height of 70mm. High sidewalls are associated with reduced cornering stability, though they offer a smoother ride on uneven surfaces. To combat the issue, Avon uses special compound for the sidewall construction, which imparts more responsive steering and improves handling characteristics significantly. So the Avon Ranger tyres keep your vehicle under control and completely stable at all speeds.
Diagonal V-Shaped Grooves: The grooves on a tyre tread block are responsible for evacuating surface water from under the tread and allowing the vehicle to progress further without skidding. In SUVs designed primarily for off road applications, the tread blocks are chunky and squarish to grip well on the rough terrain. As the Avon Ranger 70 tyres are designed mainly for on road usage, they incorporate diagonal V-shaped grooves that work well to effectively displace water from the contact patch, resulting in improved safety on wet surfaces.
Innovative Tread Pattern:The tread pattern on the Avon Ranger 70 tyres is optimised through Avon’s unique ‘Optinoise’ software to reduce external tyre noise. So though the tyres support high speed driving of performance enhanced SUVs on motorways, you will barely be distracted (or irritated) by noise.

The tread pattern also confers some degree of off-roading abilities to the Avon Ranger 70 tyre, particularly on muddy tracks, though it remains mainly an on-road tyre.

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Width Profile Wheel Size Load Index Speed Rating Order Now
235 70 16 106H H
265 70 16 112H H
275 70 16 114H H
trev curtis - 18th June, 2012

bought for a 4x4, hard wall wranglers on last disco picked this tyre after comments left on a tyre forum,no mention on tyre shopper web page that this tyre was soft wall ,not good taking caravan of road then!!!
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