The Ultimate Guide to Westlake Tyres

The Westlake tyre brand belongs to the famous Chinese tyre manufacturer Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company. With

this major brand in their kitty the company has emerged as a strong contender on the global tyre market, gaining for itself the status of the tenth largest
automotive tyre producer in the world.

What is the History of the Westlake Brand?

By the early twentieth century, the trend for innovation in tyres had already begun throughout the world, and a Chinese rubber goods company soon got into
this manufacturing space. It was called the Hangzhou Rubber Factory and it started its tyre manufacturing operations in 1958. And the rest as they say is

While European and North American companies were churning out new technologies in the tyre trade, this little known ‘dragon’ was barely starting to find
its hold. However within a very short span the company had let the world know that it had ‘arrived’, with its premium range of tyres which was technically
advanced and economically viable too.

Later the company christened itself the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company. Today the company is rated among the top 10 tyre producers in the world. Its sales
figures have notched $4.26 billion and its global imprint is as big as any major tyre leader.

The company has a global presence and has made a steady foray into 65 major destinations across the world, where the Westlake tyres are being lauded for
their performance and safety.

The Westlake brand enjoys special prominence in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia where its corporate offices are based as well. And as a further
testament of its commitment to superior quality, this tyre company has been awarded the special honour, the “Quality-of-Products-Reliable Enterprise”.

77 Hzrc Tyre Plant

The Company’s Amazing Production Statistics

The Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company is leading the table in terms of production.

Its annual production of radial tyres is over 1,000,000 sets. The production data for bicycle tyres is 40,000,000 sets and it is 3,000,000 sets for
wheelbarrow tyres. This sheer breadth in production statistics shows how the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company has spread its wings of innovation far and

What Types of Tyres are Present under the Westlake Brand?

The Westlake brand encompasses a wide range of tyres including passenger tyres, light truck and RV tyres, and truck and bus tyres. This vast range is also
designed according to road and weather patterns – thus you have tyres for all-seasons, for winters, tyres for wet weather as well as a wide range of
high-performance tyres.

Which are the Most Popular Westlake Tyre Ranges?

The most popular Westlake tyre ranges can be classified under the following segments.

1. Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres
from Westlake are equipped with a special tread compound along with numerous lateral zigzag small sipes. These sipes aid smoother movement on snow and
enable greater traction.

The SW601 tyre in the winter range is a remarkable innovation that is a combination of an asymmetrical pattern as well as the zigzag sipes
or slits that the Westlake winter tyres are known for. In fact these sipes help the wheels to counter the rigidity of the snow or icy surfaces. The
circumferential grooves on this tyre are placed high to enable slush, ice or snow to be swept away effortlessly.

77 Sw601 Westlake Tyre

Another popular tyre from Westlake in the winter tyres category is the SW602 tyre which is equipped with the double V-shaped grooves for
improved grip on surface snow and ice.

2. Car and Minivan Tyres

In its car and minivan tyre segment Westlake offers an extensive range that provides complete solutions for specific needs.

Take the SP06 tyres for example, which are embedded with a multi pitch system and irregular tread pattern to reduce tyre noise. Unlike the
sipes in the winter range, these tyres have slender bladed sipes which provide superior traction especially while cornering.

The SP06 is a hallmark in both style and comfort and reduces chances of early tread damage substantially. This enhances tyre life significantly. The other
fascinating feature on this tyre is a four channel groove that efficiently drains out water and slush.

Other prominent Westlake tyres in the car and minivan segment are

The H210 tyres which provide superior turning traction

The H550A tyres known for their excellent handling and steady safety features

The H260 tyres which stand out for their drainage systems and the minimal noise

3. High Performance Tyres

Westlake’s commitment to producing high-end tyres has resulted in the evolution of its cutting-edge high performance series. These tyres
are meant for those really powerful vehicles and truly provide that extra edge to the wheels.

The SA05 tyre is one such tyre in the high performance range of radials from Westlake. Its unique asymmetrical design is meant to support
high speeds and the tyre provides superior stability on the roads. Besides, its continuous central rib acts as a safety barrier during very high speeds,
ensuring complete stability.

77 Sa05

What the SA05 tyre delivers most certainly,and which acts as a confidence booster for drivers is precise turning and
cornering response.

The SV308 tyre in this range is another fantastic example of how advanced and technically superior Westlake’s designing capabilities are.
These tyres have semi-continuous sipes or slits that are meant to reduce noise substantially when driving at very high speeds.

The SA07 tyres, also part of this range have special rim protectors that protect expensive alloys from kerb damage. Also, these tyres
improve handling characteristics and maximise control on the vehicle.

4. SUV and Crossover Tyres

The SUV and crossover segment again has a vast selection of tyres which can move on all terrains and which are super tough as well.

The SV308 tyre for instance exhibits unique V-grooves in the tyre tread that assist in water drainage and maintain maximum stability on
wet terrain.

The SU 307 tyre on the other hand is a fine example of how a multi-pitch tread has been embedded with slanted sipes to optimise driving

In 50 years of its existence the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company has ably combined its vast experience and modern industry standards and technologies to
emerge as a strong global competitor in tyre manufacturing. And all this expertise comes to you in the form of the various Westlake brand tyres the company

Westlake tyres have a wide distribution network across the world to provide customers its diverse range of premium tyres.

Do Westlake Tyres Boast of Unique/Innovative Technology?

Westlake tyres are developed keeping in mind demands of the modern road and the environment as well as the drivers’ needs and vehicle considerations. The
company’s technical innovations have not only enhanced durability of tyres, but are also geared towards producing tyres that deliver a sounder driving

Take for instance its SILICA TECH compounding technology that has been specially developed to save fuel costs by reducing rolling
resistance in tyres. This technology also aids in promoting a much quieter and comfortable ride. The Westlake RP28 tyre is equipped with this innovation.

77 V Groove Pattern

The V groove pattern is the other innovative technical advancement by Westlake. This superior tread design is streamlined with
longitudinal grooves for better drainage. Interestingly the V groove pattern is further enhanced with a silicon dioxide technology that is
a substitute for the traditional carbon black. This technology decreases braking distance and rolling resistance and helps increase traction. Reduced
rolling resistance also increases fuel efficiency and contributes to fuel cost savings.

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In just a little over 50 years of its existence the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company has etched for its Westlake tyre brand a superior status in the field
of automotive tyres. Each Westlake tyre is an example of precision, of superior engineering, stability and durability.

From an ordinary rubber goods unit, today the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company is an internationally recognised enterprise. Small wonder why it is included
as a primary enterprise in the Ministry of Chemical Industry and is the very first company to be honoured with the prestigious “China State Quality
Management Prize” in the nation-wide rubber industry.

It is also among the very few companies to have been bestowed with the international ISO9002 quality system certification.

Today this huge tyre and rubber plant standing firm on an area of 700,000 square meters (with a building area of 400,000 square meters) in China’s Zhejiang
province is a pride for the nation, where hundreds of its own citizens are employed in producing world-class products.