Wanli S1063 Tyres

Wanli S1063 Tyres
are manufactured by Wanli Tyres – a sub-brand of South China Tyre and Rubber Co. Ltd.

The company established in 1963, specialises in radial tyre production and is the largest Chinese exporter of the same.

Wanli S1063 Tyres
are preferred all over Europe for their superior tread quality, excellent wet performance and a comfortable ride all round the year. Wanli is one of the
recognised budget brands that offer maximum value in terms of performance and safety as compared to the price.

Wanli S-1063 Tyres - Performance, Durability and Safety with Affordability

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34 Wanli S1063

Quick Facts

? Asymmetrical tread design ensures great stability during cornering, at high speeds in particular.

? Tread elements are spread out in three rows, maximising road contact. This results in enhanced steering responsiveness.

? Four broad circumferential tread grooves amount to improved hydroplaning and enhanced wet performance.

? Asymmetric tread pattern and variable tread block geometry results in perfect grip and traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

? These tyres are sleek and perfectly styled.

Customer Reviews

I am pleased with the performance

Excellent value for money, I would buy these tyres again without any doubt.

Unbelievable value compared with the usual big name brands

Tyre Rating

4 stars out of 5

34 Wanli S1063 Tread


How much are the
Wanli S1063 tyres?

Wanli S1063 tyres are pocket-friendly and offer ultra-high wet and dry performance and longevity.

Are the
Wanli S1063 tyres any good?

Optimally designed for use all round the year, these tyres offer excellent stability, grip and steering responsiveness.

How long do the
Wanli S1063 tyres

Superior quality tread ensures longer than expected tyre life.

Where are the
Wanli S1063 tyres made?

Wanli Tyres are manufactured by SCTR, a leading Chinese exporter with its major chunk of exports coming to European markets.

Where to buy the
Wanli S1063 tyres from?

Find your perfect set of Wanli S1063 tyres at the most competitive rates only at Tyre-Shopper.

What cars are the
Wanli S1063 tyres used on?

These pocket-friendly tyres are perfect for all-season driving and can be fitted on most passenger cars manufactured by major automobile manufacturers like
Honda, Suzuki, Renault, Fiat, Hyundai and VW.

What is the tread wear warranty on the
Wanli S1063 tyres?

The manufacturer offers no specific warranty on tread wear. However, the unique tread design of Wanli S1063 tyres improves tyre life considerably.

What sizes are the
Wanli S1063 tyres available in?

Wanli S1063 tyres are available in a range of sizes from 205-235mm diameter and are designed to fit 15-20 inch alloys. The profile height for these tyres
ranges from 35-50mm.

What is the right size of
Wanli S1063 tyre for my car?

Contact the tyre experts at Tyre-Shopper and find out the right tyre size suitable for your car.

What do people think of
Wanli S1063 tyres?

People opt for Wanli S1063 tyres for their all-weather performance, high stability and grip, better aquaplaning and great looks.

Wanli S1063 tyres value for money?

These tyres offer superb value for money due to their pocket friendly price and qualities that match tyres from leading brands.