Wanli S1015 Tyres

Wanli S1015 Tyres
are manufactured by Wanli Tyres – part of leading Chinese tyre manufacturer - South China
Tire and Rubber Co. Ltd.

Wanli Tyres
manufactures quality tyres for passenger cars, light trucks, buses, mini vans and SUVs. It is popular as “China’s Top Brand” and is committed to developing
finest quality Ultra High Performance tyres.

Wanli S1015 Tyres
are available in a range of sizes to suit a variety of vehicles. Its sporty tread facilitates supple moving performance and superb steering response.

These budget tyres are a perfect value for money investment as they offer you maximum performance and safety at the most affordable prices.

Comfortable ride plus satisfactory performance with the Wanli S1015 tyres

Tyre-Shopper offers you best-quality Wanli S1015 tyres at lowest rates on the market.

Quick Facts

? These are manufactured in several sizes to fit a variety of vehicle types.

? These tyres feature sporty tread patterns, imparting a stylish look.

? They offer exceptional steering performance and a supple ride due to their asymmetric tread pattern.

? These are quiet, safe and reliable tyres.

Customer Reviews

“Amazing value”

“The level of service I received at the (Tyre-Shopper) depot was brilliant”

“No complaints.”

Tyre Rating

4stars out of five


  • How much do the Wanli S1015 tyres cost?

Wanli S1015 tyres offer a quiet and comfortable ride and excellent stability at a very economical price.

  • How good are the Wanli S1015 tyres?

These tyres have a unique sporty tread pattern designed for first-rate performance under all weather conditions. They offer both, superb steering
responsiveness and flexible driving performance.

  • How long do the Wanli S1015 tyres last?

High quality tread compound has inherent high wear resistance, thus ensuring longer tyre life.

  • Where are the Wanli S1015 tyres made?

Wanli Tyres are produced by SCTR, a major Chinese manufacturer. Manufactured in plants across China, these tyres are exported to Europe, where they have
become popular due to their high quality, ultra-high performance and high safety quotient.

  • Where to buy the Wanli S1015 tyres from?

At Tyre-Shopper, we offer you 100% genuine tyres at the most competitive prices.

  • What cars are the Wanli S1015 tyres used on?

Wanli designs tyres in various sizes and for almost every vehicle type. These economical tyres are suitable for saloons, sports cars, compact cars,
estates, SUVs, off-roaders, et al. Wanli S1015 tyres are perfect for passenger cars from Honda, Renault, Fiat, Suzuki, Toyota, Hyundai and VW.

  • What is the tread wear warranty on the Wanli S1015 tyres?

Despite no specific warranty on tread wear, the innovative tread design of the Wanli S1015 tyres ensures slow wear and increases tyre life considerably.

  • What sizes are Wanli S1015 tyres available in?

Wanli S1015 tyres are manufactured in a range of sizes from 155-185mm diameter to fit 13 and 14 inch alloys. The profile height for these tyres is 65-70mm.

  • What is the right size of the Wanli S1015 tyre for my car?

Tyre professionals at Tyre-Shopper will gladly help you find out the suitable size of Wanli S1015 tyres for your car.

  • What do people think of the Wanli S1015 tyres?

Wanli S1015 tyres are a preferred choice of numerous Tyre-Shopper customers due to their performance, stability and grip at affordable rates.

  • Are Wanli S1015 tyres value for money?

Wanli S1015 tyres are excellent value for money for their unbeatable quality and long life at a fraction of the price charged by other brands.