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Tyre Information: Cold Weather Tyres

According to the Department of Transport, 20 percent of accidents happen when a vehicle slides across the road in wet or winter road conditions. The accident rate is twice that when driving in dry road conditions.
Due to safety concerns, over 60 million motorists across the European region swap their tyres out annually when November comes around. They switch from their set of summer tyres built primarily for speed and fuel efficiency, with a set of winter tyres built for improved grip in snowy, icy and wet conditions.

The reason winter tyres are a better choice in the last months of the year is because when temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius, summer tyres stiffen up and lose their flexibility which causes them to be less effective gripping tarmac-laid roads and with braking.

A car in snow

Winter tyres excel in the colder climates and have a special silica compound which is softer that improves contact and grip on the road. There are many more tread patterns embedded in the tyres, which helps deal with layers of snow without losing grip on the road.

Avon Tyres

Tyre Shopper offers some special prices for Avon winter tyres this year. Look for the snowflake symbol to find tyres that are designed for colder climates.

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