Toyo Proxes CF1 Tyres

The Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres are designed and manufactured by Japanese tyre giant – Toyo.

Toyo was established in 1945 and its tyres are popular for their outstanding stability under every condition and at all speeds.

The Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres are an ideal match for every hot hatch and family saloon. These are designed to deliver a comfortable and quiet ride and maximum mileage and offer solid value for the money you pay.

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Quick Facts

  • Tread pattern is designed for reduction of tyre noise and uneven tread wear.
  • Stable outer tyre shoulder improves dry surface handling.
  • Outer tyre shoulder features stiff tread blocks that maximise contact patch and maintain stability during straight line driving and turns.
  • The asymmetry in tread pattern also serves to cancel out opposing noise frequencies, amounting to a quiet ride.

Customer Testimonials

“Excellent price/grip/noise/handling ratio”

“Will use them again”

“For the price you pay they are bargain quality tyres”

Tyre Ratings

4.5 stars out of 5


· How much do Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres cost?

Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres can be best described as high mileage tyres with excellent longevity and hence they offer superb value for money.

· How good are the Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres?

A rare combination of enhanced safety on wet and dry surfaces and low tyre noise, Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres are a very good option for your car.

· How long do the Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres last?

The tyre design features an asymmetrical tread pattern that minimises uneven wear. Hence, the tyre lasts longer than average.

· Where are the Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres made?

Toyo is a global tyre company with production plants in several nations. Usually all Toyo tyres are locally manufactured.

· Where to buy the Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres from?

Buy Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres at the most competitive price at our Tyre-Shopper website.

· What cars are the Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres used on?

These are perfect for high-performance family saloons and passenger cars manufactured by leading automobile players such as Hyundai, Volkswagen, Toyota, Renault and Hyundai.

· What is the tread wear warranty on the Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres?

Its unique tread design ensures reduced uneven wear resulting in long tyre life span. While specific warranty is not offered, the Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres are known for their longevity.

· What sizes are the Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres available in?

These tyres are available in sizes between 175 and 245mm diameter to fit 13-17 inch wheels. Their profile heights range from 40-65mm.

· What is the right size of the Toyo Proxes CF1 tyre for my car?

Get in touch with a Tyre-Shopper tyre expert to get the right size for your saloon or sports car. Or search it at this link on our website.

· 10. What do people think of the Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres?

Toyo patrons are satisfied with its great performance at affordable rates.

· 11. Are Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres value for money?

These definitely are value for money due to high mileage, high longevity and splendid handling.