The Ultimate Guide to Toyo Tyres

Toyo Tire and Rubber Co. Ltd.

designs and manufactures tyres for various types of motor vehicles. The company was established in 1945 and is headquartered in Osaka, Japan.

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In 1966, Toyo Tyres expanded its base to the United States in the form of Toyo Tyre (USA)
Corp. It became the first Japanese tyre manufacturer to set up its US subsidiary.

Toyo tyres are popular worldwide for their exclusive design, high end technology and high quality.

History of Toyo Tyres

The history of Toyo Tyres traces back to 1945 when the company was first established in Osaka, Japan. In 1947 the company exported its first ever truck
tyre. It set up one of its key manufacturing units, the Itami Manufacturing Complex in July 1953.

Toyo Tyres went on to expand its base and operations in the following years. It was listed on the Tokyo Stock exchange in 1955. It established its Ayabe
Toyo Rubber Co. Ltd. in May 1956 and the Toyo Soflan Co. Ltd. in October 1959. Two years later, in December 1961, Toyo Tyres set up its Central R&D
Laboratories, now known as the Technical Research Centre.

Its tryst with the United States began in 1963, when Toyo Tyres first exported its car tyres to the nation. In the next two years, it established Chubu
Soflan Co. Ltd., Hyogo plant, for manufacturing Polyurethane foam, and its Sendai plant.

Toyo Tyre U.S.A. Corp. was established in 1966, the event that marked the entry of Toyo Tyres in the global tyre scenario.

For almost 7 decades now, Toyo Tyres has consistently advanced in its operations, tyre quality and innovations, proving itself as one of the ace tyre manufacturers of the world.

Where are Toyo tyres Made?

Though originally based in Japan, Toyo Tyres today is a global brand. The company has its roots spread out across the world with manufacturing sites and
research centres located in Canada, USA, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Spain and Australia. So
most Toyo tyres are locally produced in the market where they are sold.

What is the Toyo Tyres’ USP?

The company is committed to creating safer, longer-lasting and eco-friendlier tyres for a better future. Their mantra, “driven to perform”
, reflects their aim to lead the way with continuous innovation in tyre technologies. The company
promises quicker acceleration, more precise cornering, quieter ride, more comfort and more braking precision with their products, for every possible
vehicle. And it is no wonder that tyres from Toyo are popular and highly in demand in the OE and replacement markets. In fact the answer to the question what cars Toyo tyres are used on is quite impressive. It includes the names such as Toyota, Renault, Audi, BMW, Porsche and many more.

What are the Different Types of Tyres that Toyo Manufactures?

Toyo Tyres designs tyres for various driving applications such as light trucks, SUVs, sports cars, racing cars, passenger cars, minivans, luxury saloons
and crossovers. The company also has specific winter tyres and summer tyres besides a range of commercial tyres.

Which are the Most Popular Tyres from Toyo?

Some of the popular Toyo tyre ranges are:

? Toyo Open Country Tyres – Highly Durable, Multi-Terrain Tyres

These tyres are great for driving on rugged, open country streets confidently. They offer excellent wet safety, enhanced steering responsiveness, quiet and
comfortable ride and long tyre life.

70 Toyo Open Country All Terrain Tyres

The tread pattern of these tyres incorporates a wavy sipe design. These sipes create biting edges, thus offering great grip on snow and mud, and enhanced
traction under off road conditions.

Some of the popular tyres under this category are the Toyo OP/C AT, OP/C A/T XL, OP/C HT, OP/C H/T XL and OP/C M/T tyres.

The Toyo OP/C HT tyres are designed with a computer optimised tread pattern that maximises the contact patch between tyres and road for
superb dry handling and cornering stability.

The tread pattern also features latitudinal and circumferential groove network that boosts hydroplaning resistance and wet performance.

? Toyo Proxes Tyres – Ultra-high Performance tyres

This range is designed to meet the needs of high performance sports saloons, coupes and high powered SUVs. All Proxes tyres offer unbeatable traction on
wet and dry surfaces and deliver a quiet, smooth ride.

70 Toyo Proxes T1 Sport Tyres

The Proxes S/T tyres possess the ability to handle worst weather and road conditions and are ideal for large-sized SUVs.

The Toyo Proxes 4 tyres are specially designed for high-speed performance in luxury saloons and tuned sports cars that set the adrenaline
rushing. Great looks in combination with matching aggressive performance make these tyres ideal for ‘plus fitment’ applications. High grip, excellent
traction, high stability and long tyre life due to even tyre wear make these tyres a hot favourite amongst Toyo patrons.

The Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres are high mileage tyres with enhanced wet and dry performance. Their advanced asymmetric tread design facilitates
noise cancellation, making the ride peaceful.

Other class-leading Toyo Proxes tyres are the Proxes S/T, S/T XL, T1-R, R888, RA1 and TQ tyres.

Other Toyo Tyre Ranges

? Versado – Premium tyres with high comfort

These tyres are available for a variety of vehicle types - Versado LX II and LX for luxury saloons, the Versado Eco for minivans and passenger cars and the
Versado CUV for crossovers.

? Extensa – Premium tyres offering excellent comfort

Extensa A/S and HP are popular Toyo Tyres for passenger cars and minivans.

? M-line – Good quality, value for money tyres

M-55 is a well-known heavy-duty tyre for light trucks.

? Observe – High reliability, cold weather tyres

Observe GSi5, Garit KX and G2S tyres feature winter-optimised tread pattern and robust tyre construction to combat sub-zero degrees effectively.

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Does Toyo Tyres Invest in R&D?

Toyo Tyres has pioneered several ground-breaking tyre technologies due to its continuous and increased investment in R&D efforts. Some of these
technologies include:


Toyo’s “T Mode” Tyre Design Platform Technology fuses computerised driving simulation for any type of vehicle with the traditional tyre simulation method.

Toyo Tyres explains that the tyre is the single point of support for any vehicle. Hence, for superior vehicle performance, several performance parameters
like ride comfort, stability, handling, wear resistance and durability need to be considered. The fact is tyre movement changes in accordance with several
parameters such as driving speed and road condition. Toyo aims at predicting and verifying several such conditions and their numerous combinations via
simulations, and thus designs almost perfect high-performance tyres.

The advanced T Mode tyre simulation software allows Toyo tyre engineers to predict and validate tyre performances in the tyre development stage itself. The
T Mode software is continually evolved to consistently offer better tyres at a fast pace.

Nano Balance Technology

Toyo Tyres launched their “Nano Balance Technology” in December 2011. This proprietary material-based design technology marks a novel stage of tyre
development attained by analysing the tyre material at its molecular level. It involves observing rubber raw materials at infinitesimal levels to discover
actual mechanisms.

This process is devised to add a scientific aspect to the traditional physical process and has the technical capacity to accurately reproduce performance
attained through simulation.

70 Toyo Nano Energy Range Tyres

Toyo Tyres’ latest fuel-efficient NANOENERGY range of tyres is created using this technology.


Advanced Tyre Operation Module is Toyo’s patented technology to achieve production of high-performance, weight-balanced tyres based on advanced precision
design technology. This process not only achieves compact animation but has also changed the basic concept of tyre production plants with massive capacity.

Toyo Tyres implements these highly advanced technologies in all its production facilities worldwide, a testimony to the company’s unshakeable commitment to
delivering highest quality products across the globe.

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Are Toyo Tyres Value for Money?

Toyo tyres epitomise safety, durability and comfort along with superior performance. Surely these are the factors that define value-for-money.


Toyo believes that performance is beyond speed, cornering, acceleration and braking. Its tyre engineers strive to keep more tread in contact with the road
so that the driver reaches the destination safely every time. Use of natural materials such as walnut shells makes the tyres safer to road users and the


Toyo uses advanced technologies to create long lasting tyres.

For example the triple-ply polyester sheath used in Toyo Open Country M/T tyres enhances tyre strength, boosting its handling, durability and load carrying
capacity, even for high-speed driving on long distances.

Toyo is among very few manufacturers employing this kind of tyre construction in mud terrain tyres.


Toyo’s patented Side Wall Technology has been ingeniously devised to reduce tyre noise. Moreover the ATOM technology helps create perfectly balanced and
uniformed tyres that ride smoothly and wear evenly.

Is Toyo Tyres Committed to the Environment?

Toyo Tyres takes environmental care and concern quite seriously. It strives to build environmentally favourable tyres under its Tecology initiative. Tecology is Toyo’s worldwide initiative to combine technology and ecology. Under this, the company works towards
minimising energy consumption and reducing the impact of their manufacturing processes and products on the environment.

Excellent quality, high longevity and superb performance – these are the characteristics that set Toyo tyres apart from competition. Go for the perfect
Toyo tyres for your vehicle with our unbeatable price promise at Tyre-Shopper. Get in touch with our tyre experts
to find the right-sized Toyo tyre that best suits your driving requirements.