Tigar Syneris tyres

The Tigar Tyre Company, a subsidiary of the Michelin Tyres, manufactures the Tigar Syneris tyres.

Tigar is one of the best known budget tyre brands in the world associated with offering high quality and reliability for the most affordable prices.

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The Tigar Syneris tyres are no different. These extremely high quality tyres are made from a unique polymer that ensures maximum stability at high speeds.

Experience High Performance For Low Costs with the Tigar Syneris tyres

All Tigar tyres are manufactured at the Serbian manufacturing unit of the company and then exported all over the world.

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tyres including the Tigar Syneris tyre and we offer you a lowest price guarantee, further enhancing the value proposition of your tyres.

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Quick Facts

· The tyre has a unique uni-directional arrow patterned tread that provides strong grip on slippery roads. The tyre also has wide shoulder blocks that
ensure that cars do not slip while cornering and on turns.

· The uni-directional tread in particular provides very high stability during cornering and at high speeds.

· The tyre has special longitudinal grooves and large transverse shoulder channels that clear water from the tyre, ensure stability, and reduce risk of
aquaplaning significantly.

Customer Testimonials

“Tyres are affordable but very good quality…That was unexpected…”

“Really good quality tyres and very good handling”

“Very easy to buy online and to install on my car”

Tyre Rating

4 stars out of 5


How much are the Tigar Syneris Tyres?

The Tigar Syneris Tyres offer excellent value for money combining premium performance and ride comfort with affordable pricing.

How good are the Tigar Syneris Tyres?

Tigar is a very good brand with an excellent reputation for providing high quality reliable and affordable tyres.

How long do the Tigar Syneris Tyres last?

The average tyre life is 5- 10 years and the Tigar Syneris tyres last for at least so long or even longer depending on handling and usage.

Where are the Tigar Syneris Tyres made?

The Tigar Company has its manufacturing units in Serbia and it exports its tyres worldwide through Michelin dealers.

Where to buy the Tigar Syneris Tyres from?

Tyre-Shopper is actually the best place to buy tyres online as we have a wide of tyres and we offer the most affordable rates with price guarantee.

Tigar Syneris Tyres used on what cars?

The Tigar Syneris tyres are ultra high performance summer tyres suitable for a wide range of passenger cars.

What is the tread wear warranty on the Tigar Syneris Tyres?

On an average, tyres last for about 5 -10 years and the Tigar Syneris Tyres are no different.

What sizes are the Tigar Syneris Tyres available in?

Tigar Syneris tyres are available for fitting 16 and 17-inch diameter rims. The tyre diameter ranges from 205 to 235mm, while the profile height range is

What is the right size Tigar Syneris Tyre for my car?

Find out the right tyre size for your car from the owner’s manual. Or simply ask a Tyre-Shopper executive to assist you with this information.

What do people think of the Tigar Syneris Tyres?

Customer reviews about the Tigar Syneris tyres have been very positive and people appreciate the price and value of the tyres.

Are Tigar Syneris Tyres value for money?

Yes, they definitely are.