Tigar Prima Tyres

Tigar Prima tyres

are specifically made for small to compact cars to provide stability and speed at an affordable price. Tigar Tyres is a prominent tyre manufacturer based in Serbia and it is a subsidiary of
Michelin Tyres.

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The company produces high quality tyres like the Tigar Prima tyres at its Serbian factory. These tyres are then exported through Michelin to dealers
located all over the world.

The Tigar Prima tyres are extremely good value for money as they provide excellent traction, good responses at high speed and adaptability at high speeds
and adverse weather.

36 Tigar Prima Tyres

Ultra High Performance at Affordable Prices from the Tigar Prima tyres

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Quick Facts

  • The unique tread pattern of three wide circumferential grooves permits the tyre better manoeuvrability, higher traction, and better braking at high speeds
  • The tread pattern is optimised to provide better grip and excellent road contact in dry and wet conditions.
  • Experience faster braking response and excellent steering control.
  • This symmetric tread pattern has three wide circumferential grooves that increase water deflection and decrease risk of hydroplaning.

Customer Reviews

“Excellent quality for cost”

“High quality tyres that work really well”

“Very pleased with my purchase..Good advice from Tyre-shopper”

Tyre Rating

4.5 stars out of 5


How much are the Tigar Prima Tyres?

Buy your tyres from Tyre-shopper to get the best online rates and further enhance the value of these high performance affordable tyres.

Are Tigar Prima tyres any good?

Tigar Prima tyres are very good quality tyres and they are made to exact international standards to provide maximum speed and braking efficiency.

How long do the Tigar Prima Tyres last?

On an average, all tyres last from 8-10 years and Tigar Prima Tyres are no different. Tyre life of course also depends on usage and handling.

Where are the Tigar Prima Tyres made?

Tigar is a Serbian company that specializes in high quality moulded rubber tyres. The manufacturing unit is located in Serbia and tyres are exported for
international use.

Where to buy the Tigar Prima Tyres from?

Tigar Prima tyres are available online at www.tyre-shopper.co.uk at the very best prices.

On what cars are Tigar Prima Tyres used?

Tigar Prima tyres are recommended for small to compact family cars.

What is the tread wear warranty on Tigar Prima Tyres?

While the manufacturer offers no specific tread wear warranty all Tigar Prima tyres are known for their durability.

What sizes are Tigar Prima Tyres available in?

These tyres are available in sizes to fit 15-16 inch alloys in the diameter range 185-205mm.

What is the right size Tigar Prima Tyre for my car?

The exact size of tyres required for your car will be listed on your original car manual. Or seek the help of a Tyre-Shopper executive to help you with
this information.

What do people think of the Tigar Prima Tyres?

Customers are very pleased with the Tigar Prima tyres as they have scored very high on reliability and offer confident performance on wet surface.

Are Tigar Prima Tyres value for money?

Yes, Tigar Prima tyres are good value for money as they offer high performance, braking response, and bad weather driving reliability at the most
affordable prices.