Tigar Hitris Tyres

Tigar Tyres

, Serbia, manufactures the Tigar Hitris tyres. The tyres offer maximum grip and
traction on wet surface, while delivering a quiet and comfortable ride.

The Tigar brand, one of the most reliable budget brands is now a part of the Michelin Tyres corporate group and it follows manufacturing standards set by
the international tyre giant.

The company has its manufacturing centre in Serbia but tyres are available all over the world through Michelin.

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Value For Money Guaranteed with the Tigar Hitris tyres

The Tigar Hitris tyres are an extremely affordable brand of tyres and offer maximum value for money. Tigar prides itself on the high quality polymer used
in making the tyres and these tyres are popular amongst motorists all over the world.

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Quick Facts

· The Tigar Hitris tyres are composed of a unique quality polymer with a tread pattern that runs diagonally along the centre and across the tyre improving
the tyres’ braking response.

· The tyres offer excellent handling, steering responsiveness and manoeuvrability on surfaces both wet and dry.

· The Tigar Hitris tyres also incorporate Michelin’s unique noise reduction treads which ensure a smoother and ultra-silent ride.

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Customer Testimonials

“Very good quality for an affordable tyre”

“Seems to do everything as promised on the ad”

“Excellent braking efficiency especially on wet surfaces”

Tyre Rating

4.5 stars out of 5


How much are the Tigar Hitris Tyres?

Tigar Hitris tyres are excellent quality and offer high value for money

How good are the Tigar Hitris Tyres?

Tigar is actually a very good brand and customers are very pleased with the performance and safety of these tyres.

How long do the Tigar Hitris Tyres last?

Good tyres can last anywhere from 5-10 years but this actually depends on the wear and tear you put on your car. Tigar Hitris tyres last longer than
similar tyres from competitors.

Where are the Tigar Hitris Tyres made?

Tigar has its manufacturing units in Serbia and tyres are exported from there all over the world.

Where to buy the Tigar Hitris Tyres from?

Tyre-Shopper is the best place to buy your Tigar Hitris tyres at an affordable price and for a super convenient online shopping experience.

On what cars are Tigar Hitris Tyres used?

The tyres are summer touring tyres for small to medium passenger cars and saloons.

What is the tread wear warranty on the Tigar Hitris Tyres?

Tigar provides a warranty of up to 600 miles for the Tigar Hitris tyres.

What sizes are the Tigar Hitris Tyres available in?

There are several sizes of these tyres for fitting 14”-16” alloy rims. The profile height ranges from 55-65mm and the tyres are available in 175mm and
215mm diameter.

What is the right size Tigar Hitris Tyre for my car?

Your car owner’s manual will mention the right tyre size specifications for your car.

What do people think of the Tigar Hitris Tyres?

Customer reviews about the brand have been consistently positive.

Are Tigar Hitris Tyres value for money?

Yes, they are as they offer good value at affordable prices.