The Ultimate Guide to Tigar Tyres


is amongst the world’s best selling tyre brands, well-known for its decent quality products at very affordable prices. Tyres from Tigar are popular across
the world, as high quality budget tyres that offer the best combination of reliability, performance and affordability.

Tigar Ppc

The Serbian Company was established in 1935 and is listed on the Belgrade Stock Exchange. It operates as a subsidiary of the tyre giant Michelin Group
today. It manufactures quality products adhering to EU/US benchmarks and environmental regulations of EU/World Bank group.

The company manufactures a range of tyres, designed for stability and grip in both wet and dry conditions. Tigar focuses on continuously advancing its tyre
design to offer customers maximum ride comfort.

The brand – Tigar – has become synonymous with safety, dependability and value for money.

History of Tigar – What is the Association between Tigar and Michelin?

Established almost 80 years ago, Tigar Corporation started out as small workshop
manufacturing rubber products, particularly rubber footwear. It was in 1959 that the company set up its first automobile tyre factory, and then there was
no looking back for Tigar.

72 Tigar Michelin

The company manufactured its first radial tyre in 1972, established Tigar Americas in 1981 and Tigar Europe in 1990. It entered into a JV with Michelin
North America in 1997 and a joint investment agreement with Michelin Group in 2001. It was in 2002 that Tigar signed an agreement and got incorporated into
the French Michelin Group.

What Types of Tyres Does Tigar Manufacture?

Tigar manufactures high performance summer and touring summer tyres ideal for passenger cars. It employs state of the art manufacturing technology to
ensure a smooth ride and great comfort at all times. The brand encompasses various types of budget tyres in several sizes.

Which are the Popular Tigar Tyres?

Some of the key Tigar tyres include:

Tigar Cargo Speed

72 Tigar Cargo Speed

? High quality tyre for vans and light trucks.

? These are fit for driving in all seasons.

? The tyre is designed to maintain grip and retain stability in poor climatic conditions.

? Its innovative tread pattern enhances braking performance and disperses water effectively.

? Its construction, compound and tread pattern make it an ideal fitment for wet surfaces, snowy weather and muddy roads.

? The unique tread features slow and even wear, maximising tyre life.

Tigar Hitris

? Suitable for family cars and executive saloons for day to day use.

? Its tread centre features a diagonal tread pattern, whereas the outer side features horizontal pattern. This unique tread design enhances tyre traction
and maximises grip on both wet and dry roads.

? Excellent braking response and reduced risk of aquaplaning.

? Tyre construction enhances steering and handling responsiveness remarkably.

? Michelin’s innovative tread design ensures minimal noise at all speeds.

? Impressive durability due to even tread wear.

Tigar Hitris A/S

72 Tigar Hitris As

? Exceptional summer tyres offering great steering response and drive enjoyment.

? Unparalleled wet safety.

? Ideal for small to medium-sized passenger cars.

? A/S stands for its unique asymmetric tread pattern that enhances wet surface performance.

? The tread features rigid outer shoulder, inner circumferential grooves, and the noise-optimised pattern enhances ride handling and comfort.

Tigar Prima

? High performance summer tyres at affordable price.

? Symmetric tread design for best dry performance and wet safety.

? Rigid broad tread blocks on the outer tyre shoulder maintain stability and ride handling, irrespective of driving speeds.

? Superb aquaplaning resistance due to three broad longitudinal grooves that disperse water efficiently.

? The tread sipes enhance grip and traction, and in turn braking responsiveness.

? Innovative tread design ensures high tyre longevity due to slow and even wear.

Tigar Sigura

? Hi-performance tyre ideal for use in summer and suitable for passenger cars.

? Unique directional tread pattern enabling decent grip on dry surfaces.

? The tread is designed for effective water dispersal on wet surfaces reducing the risk of hydroplaning considerably.

? Tigar Sigura offers reduced noise and low rolling resistance for maximum ride comfort and enhanced fuel economy.

? Its combination of performance and affordability make it a complete value for money package.

Tigar Syneris

72 Tigar Syneris

? Innovative tread with a uni-directional ‘arrow’ pattern makes Tigar Syneris ideal for sport driving.

? Broad shoulder blocks ensure easy high-speed cornering, while maintaining a stable tyre profile.

? Central blocks are smaller in size for better road adhesion and a softer ride.

? Three longitudinal tread grooves and large-sized transverse shoulder channels clear water effectively and hence minimise hydroplaning.

Tigar Syneris XL

? These tyres are an enhanced version of the Tigar Syneris tyres, suitable for larger and heavier vehicles.

? Greater comfort, higher stability and better grip on wet and dry surfaces, all at a very affordable price.

? Distinctive tread design ensures slow wear and tear and high durability.

Tigar Winter 1

72 Tigar Winter 1

? Another hi-performance tyre from Tigar at extremely competitive rates.

? This tyre is perfectly suitable for passenger cars in cold weather.

? Tread pattern ensures high level grip both on dry and wet surfaces.

? The unique tread pattern is also responsible for great steering responsiveness, superb cornering stability and low noise levels on snow and ice.

? It offers excellent resistance to aquaplaning.

? High mileage and slow tread wear characteristics make this tyre a very cost-effective proposition in the long run.

? Excellent quality versus price ratio.

Tigar Winter 1 XL

? This is another performance winter tyre from Tigar.

? Once again, decent performance clubbed with great prices.

? High grip levels, excellent cornering abilities, great stability and even wear at a slow rate make Tigar Winter 1 XL great value for money.

These tyres from Tigar Corporation meet all the expectations that you would have from an ideal tyre.

Tigar tyres are the perfect illustration of premium performance at budget prices.

Does Tigar Manufacture only Tyres?

Tigar looks beyond tyres.

The company has spread its roots into the production of high quality rubber footwear, technical rubber goods and chemical products. The company practices
high ethical standards and believes in fulfilling its corporate responsibilities sincerely.

? Technical Rubber Products

Tigar Corporation has been manufacturing ace quality technical rubber items since its inception in 1935. Its products are well-accepted and employed in the
auto segment, mining and metallurgy industries. Tigar Rubber Technical Goods, as a company, has 200 employees, 10% of which handle development and
stringent quality control. Tigar is also a leading name in the field of recycled rubber goods.

? Tigar Rubber Footwear

Tigar is at the global forefront of designing and manufacturing all kinds of rubber footwear, and supplies those worldwide.

? Tigar Chemical Products

This division of Tigar Corporation started off in 1937 with manufacturing adhesives for their own rubber footwear. Since 1962 this division started
manufacturing adhesives and other chemical products for the external markets. Its products are used in manufacturing industries, chemical industries and
for household consumption as well.

Its product portfolio includes paints, coatings and varnishes for commercial and industrial use, consumer and industrial adhesives and thinners.

Tigar Corporation – Corporate Social Responsibility

The company constantly strives to take up and fulfil its responsibilities towards the society as a company with high moral standards.

? It is respected in the industry due to the caring environment it nurtures by way of numerous donations and its humanitarian activities in several

? Tigar believes that a healthy business environment and employee security is essential for the growth of their business.

? The firm prioritises environmental awareness as part of its varied culture.

? It maintains highest quality and performance standards during production, while meeting ISO 9001 and also ISO 140001 standards.

? It meets stringent environmental guidelines at all steps.

? It implements best industry practises to use energy, natural resources and raw materials judiciously.

? It executes cutting-edge technologies for efficient disposal of waste material and management of by-products.

? Tigar aided RTV Pi TV network in producing a documentary TV series for special needs children. The effort indicates Tigar’s inclination towards
contributing to the cause of social inclusion.

Tigar – Dedication towards Employees

Tigar has been heartily investing in its staff for decades now. It offers an institution of scholarship programmes to acquire and retain skilled and
quality employees.

Tigar – Work Environment, Health and Safety

The Company implements well-designed systems for ideal quality management, health and safety management and ecological management, as an integral part of
its core management.

Tigar – Awards and Recognitions

The company has earned several industry accolades for its business excellence, brand appeal, meeting corporate social responsibility effectively and

Tigar Corporation is an active member of several ace business associations:

? The Serbian Chamber of Commerce

? The French Chamber of Commerce, Serbia

? The Serbian Association of Managers

? AmCham, Serbia-based US Chamber of Commerce

Tigar Tyres is an integral part of the Tigar Corporation. Under the aegis of the prominent Michelin Group, the tyre
division completely follows and lives by the principles and high standards laid by its parent company.

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