Pirelli PZero tyres

The Pirelli PZero tyres are one of the best tyres in the Pirelli stable.
These are ultra high-performance tyres recommended for high-speed saloons and sports cars. They are also used suitable for mid-range high power vehicles.
These tyres exhibit an extremely stable tread pattern and offer exceptional handling characteristics.

Pirelli Tyres
is one of the leading tyre manufacturers globally. With a dominant presence in the motorsport arena, all Pirelli tyres are well known for their high
performance, reliability and safety.

The Pirelli PZero tyres are considered the benchmark tyres for the ultra high performance category. These tyres incorporate a unique nano-composite
compound to ensure superb handling on wet and dry surfaces. The tyres respond well and have excellent handling characteristics in almost any situation.
Though all Pirelli tyres are priced at a premium, they are definitely worth the price, for the performance they offer.

Experience high performance through innovative technology with the Pirelli PZero tyres.

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Pirelli makes the Pirelli PZero tyres with superior polymer compound and backs it up with a unique tread pattern. This ensures that the tyres respond
faster to steering commands on wet, and dry surfaces. The tyres are also associated with delivering a smooth and silent ride.

Quick Facts

  • The Pirelli PZero tyres are made with a unique S-treme symmetrical pattern with wide large tread blocks. This ensures that the tyre remains stable on any type of surface.
  • The tyre has three wide longitudinal grooves that ensure efficient water expulsion on wet and icy surfaces. Thus the tyres remain steady on wet surfaces at high speeds and reduce risk of aquaplaning considerably.
  • The tread pattern ensures even weight distribution and reduces tread wear and tear, resulting in longer tyre life.

Customer Reviews

“Really smooth ride and absolutely no noise”

“These tyres are really great and have wonderful handling”

“It’s affordable!”

Tyre Rating

4.5 stars out of 5


How much do the Pirelli PZero tyres cost?

The premium priced Pirelli PZero tyres are available at Tyre-Shopper at discounted rates and with a price guarantee.

How good are the Pirelli PZero tyres?

Pirelli PZero tyres are made according to Pirelli’s international manufacturing standards and are the benchmark tyres in the ultra high performance

How long do the Pirelli PZero tyres last?

Pirelli PZero tyres are long lasting because of their optimised tread pattern.

Where are the Pirelli PZero tyres made?

Pirelli’s manufacturing units are located all over the world. Your Pirelli PZero tyres are most likely manufactured in your country.

Where to buy the Pirelli PZero tyres from?

Tyre-Shopper is the one-stop online shop for all your tyre purchases.

Pirelli PZero tyres are used on what cars?

Pirelli PZero tyres are excellent for high performance cars. And they are the OE fitments on the most prestigious models including Ferrari 599GTB,Maserati,
Audi R8, Mercedes AMG to name just a few.

What is the tread wear warranty on the Pirelli PZero tyres?

Pirelli PZero tyres carry no tread wear warranty, but they are amongst the longest lasting tyres in their category.

What sizes are the Pirelli PZero tyres available in?

These tyres are available in a wide range of sizes from 225 to 275mm diameter to fit 17 to 21 inch alloys.

What is the right size Pirelli PZero tyre for my car?

Check out the right tyre size for your car by simply entering your vehicle registration number in the Tyre-Shopper search page.

What do people think of the Pirelli PZero tyres?

Customers are very happy with Pirelli PZero tyres.

Are Pirelli PZero tyres value for money?

Yes they are.