Pirelli P7 Tyres

The Pirelli P7 tyres are high-performance touring tyres specifically designed
for sporty saloons and station wagons. These tyres are manufactured by Italian tyre conglomerate Pirelli Tyres. Besides being known for high quality, high performance tyres, Pirelli has an
undeniable ‘glamorous’ image that comes from its long-term association with the Formula 1 Championship and other motor racing events.

The advanced tread pattern of the Pirelli P7 tyres provides maximum stability during wet and dry driving. The tread pattern also ensures high-speed tactile
handling with an extended tyre life for maximum effectiveness. So definitely, these are high value for money tyres.

Superior grip and technical brilliance make the Pirelli P7 tyres unique

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Quick Facts

  • Asymmetrical tread pattern on the Pirelli P7 tyres ensures exceptional handling characteristics on wet and dry surfaces
  • The tyre supports rapid direction changes with easier manoeuvrability
  • Wide compact shoulder blocks ensure even contact with road surfaces enhancing steering responsiveness and braking responsiveness.
  • The tread pattern is optimised for minimum wear and tear on the tyre, extending tyre life significantly.

Customer Reviews

“Excellent wet grip and unique driving experience”

“Easily lasted through the entire wet and dry season…really good stability too”

“Very affordable”

Tyre Rating

5 stars out of 5


How much do the Pirelli P7 tyres cost?

These tyres are placed in the higher price range. However, you can maximise the value of these tyres by availing the lowest prices on www.tyre-shopper.co.uk.

How good are the Pirelli P7 tyres?

Pirelli P7 tyres offer an excellent combination of performance, safety and comfort.

How long do the Pirelli P7 tyres last?

The company assures customers that the Pirelli P7 tyres will last anywhere from 5 -10 years, depending of course, on usage and handling.

Where are the Pirelli P7 tyres made?

Pirelli is an international company and Pirelli P7 tyres are manufactured in plants worldwide.

Where to buy the Pirelli P7 tyres from?

Tyre-Shopper is the perfect place to buy the Pirelli P7 tyres for the best prices we offer and for our unmatched customer service.

Pirelli P7 tyres are used on what cars?

The Pirelli P7 tyres are used on a wide range of mid-size to large cars including models from Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen.

What is the tread wear warranty on Pirelli P7 tyres?

None is offered.

What sizes are the Pirelli P7 tyres available in?

The Pirelli P7 tyres are available in a wide range of sizes to fit 16-18 inch alloys. XL versions for load reinforced applications are also available.

What is the right size Pirelli P7 tyre for my car?

The exact size specifications for your car are listed in your vehicle owner’s manual. Or please check with a Tyre-Shopper consultant.

What do people think of the Pirelli P7 tyres?

The Pirelli brand name has earned the trust of consumers and most people are extremely happy with their Pirelli P7 tyres.

Are Pirelli P7 tyres value for money?

Yes, Pirelli P7 tyres are excellent value for money due to high level performance, safety and long life.