Pirelli P6 tyres

The Pirelli P6 tyres are manufactured by Pirelli Tyres specifically to cater to
the current saloons, MPVs and estate cars. These tyres are well known for their performance, safety, reliability and enhanced fuel efficiency.

Pirelli Tyres
is currently amongst the top 5 tyre manufacturers worldwide. The company is known for its range of ultra high performance tyres and has a dominant presence
in the motorsports arena.

The Pirelli P6 tyres are equipped with a host of proprietary technologies that makes them best suited for varied driving needs.

Enjoy maximum driving comfort and reduced fuel costs with the low rolling resistance Pirelli P6 Tyres

Considered overall, the Pirelli P6 tyres more than make up for their premium pricing on account of their superior performance and safety features.

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Quick Facts

  • The Pirelli P6 tyres have a unique tread pattern comprising three circumferential grooves. These grooves help to move water away from the tyre surface and enhance wet surface stability.
  • The solid central rib contributes to stability on wet and dry surfaces.
  • A specially designed 90 degree tread pattern increases snow traction in these tyres.

Customer Testimonials

Very affordable tyres but they are surprisingly silent.

These tyres are really smooth and they provide a really great ride”

“I was surprised with the fuel efficiency of these Pirelli P6 tyres. Very good for its price”

Tyre Rating

4.5 out of 5


  • How much are Pirelli P6 tyres?

Pirelli P6 tyres are expensive as they are part of the premium Pirelli brand. But rest assured, you will get more value than what you pay.

  • How good are Pirelli P6 tyres?

These Pirelli P6 tyres are excellent performers on all crucial parameters.

  • How long do Pirelli P6 tyres last?

These tyres offer an extended tyre life on account of their tread pattern and compound.

  • Where are Pirelli P6 tyres made?

Pirelli is an international company and the Pirelli P6 tyres are manufactured in separate centres all over the world.

  • Where to buy Pirelli P6 tyres?

The best place to buy Pirelli P6 tyres is from Tyre-Shopper, as we have the comprehensive size range of these tyres at the very best prices.

  • Pirelli P6 tyres are used on what cars?

These Pirelli P6 tyres are recommended for the latest saloons and estate cars and are apt for medium and high performance vehicles.

  • What is the tread wear warranty on Pirelli P6 tyres?

Pirelli usually offers a complete warranty on its Pirelli P6 tyres but typically there are some ‘conditions’ attached to the warranty.

  • What size are Pirelli P6 tyres available in?

These Pirelli P6 tyres are available in the profile sizes of 50, 55, 60, and 65mm. The tyre diameter ranges from 195 to 215mm and it fits 15 and 16 inch

  • What is the right size Pirelli P6 tyre for my car?

Experts at Tyre-Shopper can help you with this information.

  • What do people think of Pirelli P6 tyres?

Customers are very happy with the safety, performance and fuel efficiency of the Pirelli P6 tyres.

  • Are Pirelli P6 tyres value for money?

Yes, these Pirelli P6 tyres are good value for money but make sure you buy from Tyre-Shopper to maximise this value further with our market-best prices.