An Ultimate Guide to Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop is one of the largest rubber manufacturing companies in the world. Originally, the name ‘DUNLOP TYRES’ indicated a brand of tyres made by the 19 th century Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company set up by John Dunlop.

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However, now Dunlop is a brand name used to indicate many products like footwear, sporting goods, construction materials, industrial products, etc, derived
from the company’s patented rubber formula. A subsidiary of the company called Dunlop Tyres now produces tyres from their patented
rubber formula through separate manufacturing companies all over the world.

What is the origin of Dunlop Tyres?

Dunlop Tyres started from a very innovative idea. On a warm summer day in 1882, founder John Dunlop was watching his son struggling to ride a bicycle with
very uncomfortable canvas tyres. On top of that, his son was sick with a very bad cold and he was struggling to draw in breath to ride his cycle. To help
his son out, John dipped the canvas tyres in liquid rubber and this made for a very easy ride. This simple idea became the foundation for a huge tyre
empire that now has a footprint in almost every country in the world. By the year 2000, the company had more than twenty different manufacturing units in
the world and it is now one of the premier tyre companies globally.

Approaching nearly 125 years of existence, Dunlop Tyres has more than 73,000 employees in 22 countries with about 2000 international retailers and
distributors. On an average, the company produces more than 200 million tyres for customers and exports them to retailers and dealers all over the world.
In fact, the company celebrated its

125th anniversary with three major wins in the racing arena

. All winning teams had Dunlop tyres on.

Who owns Dunlop Tyres?

Dunlop Tyres is not owned by a single corporation. In Europe and North America, the company is jointly owned by Goodyear Sumitomo Rubber Industries. In
Australia, it is owned by Goodyear and in Asia, it is partially owned by Sumitomo. In India, the tyres are owned by the Ruia Group, and in South Africa by
Apollo Tyres. Some companies add their names to the Dunlop Brand – for instance in some markets, these tyres are referred to as Goodyear Dunlop.

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What Types of Tyres Does Dunlop Manufacture?

The company manufactures a wide range of tyres like tyres for weather conditions such as all season tyres, summer tyres and winter tyres.

The company’s tyres may also be categorised as all terrain tyres, runflat tyres and sport performance tyres. In this category, runflat tyres are very
popular as they allow the user to continue driving at slower speeds even when punctured. Dunlop’s range of runflat tyres is equipped with the Dunlop
Self-Supporting Technology (DSST). This technology was created to strengthen the sidewalls of the tyres. The reinforced sidewalls support the vehicle and
enable movement even if the air pressure is very low or zero. As a result, drivers can drive up to 50 miles an hour at speeds of 50mph with no problems at
all. Click here for more details on Dunlop DSST

Several high end automobile manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, and Ferrari offer runflat tyres as standard fitment on their cars.

Dunlop Tyres manufactures tyres for a variety of cars including saloon tyres, crossover/wagon tyres, SUV tyres, truck/pick-up tyres.

Besides tyres for cars, the company also manufactures tyres for motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles.

Does the Dunlop Tyre Company have an Extensive Product Range?

The company produces seven different product lines that are very popular with drivers from all over the world. The various Dunlop tyre brands include the

  • Direzza Tyres are specially made to combine sport with style and they are high performance tyres used on racing cars.
  • Grandtrek Tyres combine innovative design with high speed. These tyres are recommended for SUVs and trucks and they provide speed with stability and manoeuvrability.
  • Graspic Tyres are special winter tyres designed with technology that will grasp and pull the ice surface for stability. The Miura-Shaped siping is incorporated into the tyre to enhance feedback to the driver and prevent slippage.
  • Rover Tyres are off-road tyres that ensure stability on slippery surfaces due to the rugged pattern and special all-season grip.
  • Signature Tyres are recommended for family cars and they offer comfort and safety for daily driving. The tread pattern also ensures perceptive handling.
  • SP Sport Tyres are designed for high speed sporting vehicles and they provide maximum responsiveness, stability at high speeds and high performance handling.
  • SP Tyres are for all season handling on wet and dry surfaces.

What are the Most Popular Dunlop Tyre Ranges?

All Dunlop tyre ranges are quite popular. Amongst the Dunlop winter tyres, there are two particular favourites.

The Dunlop SP WINTERSPORT 4D tyres are excellent for adverse weather conditions. This tyre incorporates patented flat tread technology, multi blade systems
and a multi radius tread that ensures maximum speed with stability on icy surface.

71 Guide To Dunlop Tyre Dunlop Sp Winter Response 4 D Tyres

Apart from the WINTERSPORT range, the Dunlop WINTER RESPONSE 2 tyre is also popular with consumers due to its excellent response on snow and icy surfaces.

71 Guide To Dunlop Tyre Dunlop Sp Winter Response 2 Tyres

Dunlop SP Sport Tyre Range

Dunlop’s SP Sport tyre range is amongst the most popular ultra high performance tyres on the market. Designed to fit high performance sports cars, sports
coupes and luxury saloons, these tyres offer an exhilarating drive experience and maximise your ride irrespective of surface.

The Dunlop SP Sport 01 tyres are the flagship tyres in this category. These tyres feature a 100% silica compound that decreases tread wear and ensures
braking efficiency to support high speed performance.

Does Dunlop make Eco-Friendly Tyres?

The company does make several different types of eco-friendly tyres like the Dunlop Enasave 2030. This tyre offers better handling on the road and
conserves fuel. The tyre is energy-efficient and reduces rolling resistance, which enhances fuel efficiency significantly.

Another popular eco-friendly tyre from Dunlop is the Dunlop ECO EC201 tyre. This tyre is designed for compact vehicles and it is made with a special rubber
formula to conserve fuel during use.

Both tyres have a special tread pattern and a unique arrangement on the sidewalls and tread to ensure speed along with fuel conservation.

What Innovative R&D and Patented Technology does Dunlop use in its Tyres?

Dunlop Tyres prides itself on its innovative technology. The singular reason why Dunlop is so successful is because it relies on its extensive R&D and
innovation to produce the best quality rubber and tread patterns for its tyres. A few of the most innovative and cutting edge technologies used by Dunlop
are as follows –

  • Hydro Paddle Technology

This innovative technology consists of strategically patterned tread designs to swish water away from the tyre centre. This design increases tyre stability
on wet surface and enhances wet safety significantly.

  • Active Traction Sipe System

This unique system is present on the Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D tyres for cold weather and ice surface driving. The technology helps the tyre tread to grip
and pull the ice surface for maximum traction.

  • Multi-Pitch Tread Design

This tread design creates tyre noise frequencies that cancel each other out, resulting in a smoother, noiseless and more comfortable drive.

  • Silicarbon Matrix

Dunlop engineers have managed to suspend silicon particulates in a carbon matrix and then suspend them in a unique rubber polymer mix. This unique
molecular technology in the tread compound ensures enhanced traction on wet and dry surfaces in any weather.

71 Guide To Dunlop Tyres Silicarbon Matrix

  • Evaque Grooves

Angled evaque grooves are a part of the tread design in some Dunlop tyres to pump water away from the tyre pathway and ensure stability during wet driving.

  • Dupont Kevlar

Kevlar is a supremely hard material but the combination of this fibrous material in the tyre sidewalls ensures no blowouts and offers superior road
stability and safety.

  • Traction Web Technology

This technology swipes away water from the tyre tread to ensure a stable drive in wet conditions.

  • Max Flange Shield

This firm rubber guard technology wraps around the rim and prevents the expensive alloys from rubbing against the curb and getting damaged.

  • Dimensional Stable Polyester

This is one of the most innovative polymer mixes invented by pre-curing and pre-stretching the rubber to ensure smooth tyres with a longer lifetime.

Dunlop’s patented technology, rubber formulae, tread patterns and designs are mainly responsible for the popularity of its tyres. No matter what type of
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