Continental Sport Contact 5 Tyres

The Continental Sport Contact 5 Tyres are among the latest
tyres manufactured by Continental Tyres in their popular SportContact tyre range.

Continental Tyres is one of the leading tyre manufacturers with their production facilities, and service and distribution centres spread out across the

Continental Sport Contact 5 Tyres are well-known for their performance driven applications, innovative tread pattern and sturdy tyre construction.

Push your driving to the max with Continental SportContact5 tyres.

Given their high level of performance and safety, these tyres are definitely worth the premium they demand.

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buy the Continental SportContact5 tyres?

Quick Facts

  • Asymmetric tread design for high performance, exceptional safety and efficiency.
  • Unique Black Chilli compound enables reduced braking distance as well as low rolling resistance
  • Circumferential tread grooves are present for high level of wet safety and stability
  • Ideal for performance-intensive larger vehicles with alloy disks measuring 17-inch and above

Customer Reviews

“Excellent grip”

“Superb performance”

“Will buy this every time”


4 stars out of 5


  • How much do the Continental SportContact5 tyres cost?
  • These are perfectly priced for their outstanding performance.
  • How good are the Continental SportContact5 tyres?
  • Assured stability and safety, high mileage and superb fuel efficiency place these amongst the best tyres on the market.
  • How long do the Continental SportContact5 tyres last?
  • The sturdy tread and its unique tread pattern ensure long tyre life.
  • Where are the Continental SportContact5 tyres made?
  • Continental is a world leader in tyre manufacturing with numerous manufacturing sites across the world. It locally manufactures most of its tyres and accessories.
  • Where to buy the Continental SportContact5 tyres from?
  • Tyre-Shopper stocks and offers these tyres at the most competitive market rates.
  • What cars are the Continental SportContact5 tyres used on?
  • These are max performance tyres ideal for summers; perfect for premium passenger cars from Renault, Hyundai, Toyota, BMW, Honda and the like.
  • What is the tread wear warranty on the Continental SportContact5 tyres?
  • Unique tread pattern guarantees slow and even tread wear, resulting in long tyre life, though no tread wear warranty is offered.
  • What sizes are the Continental SportContact5 tyres available in?
  • Continental SportContact5 tyres range from 205 to 275mm in diameter and fit 17-20 inch alloys. The profile heights for these tyres range from 40-55mm.
  • What is the right size Continental SportContact5 tyre for my car?
  • Tyre experts at Tyre-Shopper will help you select the right tyre size for your car. Alternatively, click here to search your perfect Conti tyre.
  • What do people think of the Continental SportContact5 tyres?
  • Customers repeatedly buy these tyres for their exceptional performance.
  • Are Continental SportContact5 tyres value for money?
  • Great ride control and long life make these tyres perfect ‘value for money’.

Independent Tests

The Continental SportContact5 tyres were ranked 1st in the 2013 European Summer Sports Tyre Test. The tyres performed very well in several
independent tyre tests. Click here for more details.