Barum Brillantis Tyres

Barum Brillantis tyres are designed and produced by Barum – a leading manufacturer of highly durable tyres at affordable prices.

The company, Barum, established about 8 decades ago, manufactures world-class tyres and is today a part of the Continental AG group.

The Barum Brillantis tyres are designed particularly for small to medium-sized family cars. This is a popular budget tyre with uncompromised safety and performance characteristics. Thus the tyres offer a huge return on the money invested in their purchase.

Performance blends with economy with the Barum Brillantis tyres

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Quick Facts

? Multiple shoulder lugs in the tread pattern and flat contour belt facilitate high traction and precise acceleration and braking response.

? Tread pattern consists of an array of circumferential grooves and also lateral grooves and sipes. The resultant two-way action reduces risk of hydroplaning significantly.

? Innovative tread design ensures precise handling, improving stability during cornering and hence driver comfort and confidence are high.

? The robust shoulder lugs and flat belt contour in the tread make it resistant to uneven wear and tear. This ensures high mileage and excellent longevity.

? The angular positioning of lugs and optimal positioning of tread sipes minimise external noise, enhancing ride comfort and quality in turn.

Customer Reviews

“Very well pleased with overall quality”

“They are a good value hard wearing tyre”

“Good value tyre from quality manufacturer”

“Good all round tyres, very pleased with my purchase, the fitting of tyres, price and quality were all of a high standard. Got them fitted without any fuss at a time and tyre centre of my choice. Will be coming back again and highly recommend your service to others.”

Tyre Rating

4.5 stars out of 5.


· How much do the Barum Brillantis tyres cost?

o Barum is a recognised budget brand that offers uncompromised performance. So these tyres are extremely reasonably priced.

· How good are the Barum Brillantis tyres?

o These tyres offer excellent traction and safety and great performance on wet and dry surfaces.

· How long do the Barum Brillantis tyres last?

o Tread design guarantees slow and even wear, resulting in high mileage and tyre longevity.

· Where are the Barum Brillantis tyres made?

o Barum functions as an important part of Continental AG. Most of its products are locally manufactured.

· Where to buy the Barum Brillantis tyres from?

o Tyre-Shopper, with its assured lowest price, is the best place to buy the Barum Brillantis tyres as well as other Barum and other tyre brands.

· What cars are the Barum Brillantis tyres used on?

o These are perfect for everyday passenger cars, ranging from small to medium size, from manufactures like Honda, Renault, Toyota, and the like.

· What is the tread wear warranty on the Barum Brillantis tyres?

o Despite no specific warranty offered, these tyres last long due to the slow and even wear induced by their tread pattern.

· What sizes are the Barum Brillantis tyres available in?

o These tyres are available in the diameter range 135-185mm to fit 13 and 14 inch alloys, the profile height ranges from 60-80mm.

· What is the right size of the Barum Brillantis tyre for my car?

o Contact a tyre expert at Tyre-Shopper to find the perfect tyre for your family car.

· What do people think of the Barum Brillantis tyres?

o Barum patrons opt for this tyre due to its excellent longevity, high safety, great mileage and affordability.

· Are Barum Brillantis tyres value for money?

o These tyres are an excellent value for money proposition.