Barum Bravuris Tyres

The Barum Bravuris tyres are manufactured by Barum – a reputed tyre manufacturer for around 80 years now.

Barum Tyres is known for its high-quality and affordable tyres designed to suit all tyre requirements. The company is an all-round performer and manufactures tyres for high-speed vehicles as well as for day-to-day motoring.

The Barum Bravuris tyres are designed for high-performance driving. They offer excellent control on wet surface and precise high-speed grip under all weather conditions.

Gear up for superior performance, safety and reliability with the Barum Bravuris tyres

Being an economy brand, the Barum Bravuris tyres offer excellent value for money delivering superior performance at affordable prices. And for the best prices on these tyres, look no further than

Quick Facts

? Lateral grooves expel water efficiently, enhancing aquaplaning resistance and safety on wet surface.

? High stability and safety, due to solid lugs on the tyre shoulder that maximise the contact patch.

? All-weather grip enhances steering precision at high speeds

? High reliability and great mileage due to flat belt tread contour that minimises uneven tread wear.

Customer Testimonials

“Have purchased these Barum tyres once again”

“Done about 3000 miles so far, don’t seem to have worn at all, will be buying again”

“They have the same weight and speed specifications as the leading brands at a fraction of the price”

“Highly Recommended, Performs much better than it’s price suggests.”

Tyre Ratings

4.5 stars out of 5


· How much do the Barum Bravuris tyres cost?

These tyres are quite reasonably priced, and with Tyre-Shopper’s price promise, you won’t get a better deal elsewhere.

· How good are the Barum Bravuris tyres?

Excellent high-speed performance, superb all-weather grip, high stability and enhanced safety; could you ask for more?

· How long do the Barum Bravuris tyres last?

These tyres promise higher longevity than other tyres in the category due to their optimised tread pattern

· Where are the Barum Bravuris tyres made?

Barum Tyres is a joint venture with premier tyre manufacturer – Continental AG. With numerous production sites across the world, most tyres are locally produced.

· Where to buy the Barum Bravuris tyres from?

Unbeatable price promise and 100% genuine tyres – that is what Tyre-Shopper brings to you! So could there be a better place to buy the Barum Bravuris tyres from?

· What cars are the Barum Bravuris tyres used on?

These high-performance tyres are perfect for all high-end automobiles designed for high-speed. They are fit for luxury saloons and sports cars from key manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Vauxhall, Jaguar and others.

· What is the tread wear warranty on the Barum Bravuris tyres?

While Barum offers no tread wear warranty in particular, the innovative tread design of these tyres minimises uneven wear, resulting in extended tyre life.

· What sizes are the Barum Bravuris tyres available in?

These tyres are available in a wide range of sizes from 175 to 265 mm diameter to fit 14-18 inch alloys. The profile height for these tyres ranges from 35 to 60mm.

· What is the right size of the Barum Bravuris tyre for my car?

Our Tyre-Shopper experts will guide you on the suitable Barum Bravuris tyre fitment for your car.

· What do people think of the Barum Bravuris tyres?

These tyres are a preferred by numerous motorists for their superb performance, longevity, high safety standards and, above all, affordability.

· Are Barum Bravuris tyres value for money?

These tyres are an absolute value-for-money package for they offer all the desirable features at an economical price.