The Ultimate Guide to Barum Tyres


is a leading tyre manufacturer based in Czech Republic. The ace tyre maker operates in a joint venture with Continental AG.

73 Barum Tyres

Barum holds an excellent reputation of manufacturing quality tyres for every type of vehicle at affordable prices. The brand itself is an all-round
performer, manufacturing both, performance-oriented tyres and those for day-to-day motoring.

What is the History of Barum Tyres?

was established way back in 1924, but not as a tyre manufacturer. The company started off as a manufacturer of shoe soles, and ventured into tyre
production only a decade later, in 1934.

The company believes in producing first-rate tyres at the most competitive market rates and will celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2014.

Is Barum a Global Company?

Barum Tyres operates globally in various nations across Europe and beyond. It has its manufacturing sites and service centres located in Czech Republic,
Poland, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Romania and Spain.

What are the Different Types of Tyres that Barum Manufactures?

Barum manufactures a wide range of tyres to suit varied motoring needs. From tyres suitable for large, high-performance vehicles, to small and medium-sized
passenger cars, Barum innovatively brings numerous products to cater to all vehicle and driver needs.

Which are the Most Popular Barum Tyres?

Some of its popular tyre ranges are:


? Barum Bravuris tyres are ideal for large-sized, high-performance saloons.

? All-round performance encompassing high levels of safety, dependability and value for money.

73 Barum Bravuris

? Tread designed to maximise wet performance.

? High stability and immense comfort.

? Perfect for high-performance driving.

? Right choice for the cost conscious motorists.

? Available in numerous sizes andspeed ratings.

Bravuris 2

? Bravuris 2 tyres are an amazing combination of high performance and affordable price.

? These tyres offer exceptional cornering, ride handling, stability, ride quality and comfort.

73 Barum Bravuris 2

? They are designed for unmatched grip on every surface.

? Tyre tread design and construction facilitates reduced braking distances resulting in uncompromised safety.

? Long tyre life and price make it the best value for money tyre.

? High mileage and steering responsiveness.

? Available in 16 sizes.

Other tyres in this range are Barum Bravuris 2, Bravuris 2 XL and Bravuris 4X4 XL.


? One of the most economical tyre ranges from Barum, Brillantis is designed particularly for small and medium-sized family cars.

? These budget tyres offer uncompromised safety, performance and class-leading mileage figures.

? Multiple shoulder lugs and flat contour belt on the tread ensure excellent traction and highly precise braking and acceleration responsiveness.

? Circumferential grooves in the tread and inner tyre shoulder and lateral sipes and grooves, work together to deflect water from below the tread, reducing
aquaplaning risk.

? Tyre construction has been optimised for minimum tyre noise resulting in a quieter, more comfortable ride.

These tyres are manufactured in a wide range of sizes for 13-15 inch alloys.

Barum also manufactures Barum Brillantis 2, 2 XL and XL tyres all well known for their affordability, superior performance and enhanced tyre life.

Barum Vanis 2

? This is the latest tyre from Barum, and a successor to the reliable and well-known Vanis summer tyre.

? Equipped with innovative features, these tyres promise higher mileage and a longer tyre life span.

? It features a flat contour for optimal weight distribution and maximum road-tyre contact area. This means even wear and enhanced mileage potential.

? There is an extra layer of rubber incorporated in the tyre sidewall for robust protection against kerb abrasions, which increases tyre life.

? There is a noise breaker included in the shoulder portion for greater ride comfort.

? Closed shoulder grooves also amount to reduced noise levels.

? Three broad circumferential water draining tread grooves allow quick draining of water, thus minimising chances of aquaplaning.

? Optimal tread rigidity has been achieved with enhanced stability in tread grooves. This design results in minimised dry braking distances and more
precise, safer driving.

Does Barum Manufacture Winter Tyres?

Yes. Following are some of Barum’s popular winter tyre ranges.

Barum Cargo OR56

? This is an advanced winter tyre with excellent mileage performance, designed specifically for people movers and light vans.

73 Barum Cargo Or56

? It maintains excellent grip and stability on snow and ice.

? Its sturdy shoulder lugs curb uneven wear and boost tyre service life.

? Excellent braking performance is achieved due to effective water and slush dispersion with the aid of diagonal shoulder grooves.

? There is an array of lugs in the tread that reduce noise even on dry roads.

Polaris 3

? These are perfect tyres for those seeking economical tyres with superior performance.

? Polaris 3 features low, even wear for high mileage performance, and low rolling resistance for greater fuel economy.

? Their tread features innovative ‘snow catchers’ pattern that keeps the snow right in the groove. It thus enables the tyre to transfer engine power to
snowy slopes during acceleration and offers excellent braking performance.

? These tyres come in a variety of sizes and are designed to fit 13” alloy disks.

SnoVanis 2

? This is another latest Barum creation designed especially for winters.

? Zero compromise tyre perfect for winters that keeps you going all through the season minus any glitches.

73 Barum Snovanis 2

? Its innovative tread offers excellent grip on slippery surfaces for unmatched safety.

? The tyre is made of winter-optimised compound that reduces braking distance and rolling resistance, while boosting mileage.

? Its design and performance keeps handling and running costs under check at all times.

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Has Barum Undertaken any Unique Initiatives?

Barum sincerely advocates the concept of efficient driving and tyre safety. It continually endeavours to educate public in general towards achieving a
safer and economical ride every time and has launched a unique Ride and Save initiative. The company advocates the following guidelines
under this initiative.

All motorists must check their tyre pressure at least once every two weeks. Optimal tyre pressure results in reduced rolling resistance, and in turn,
lesser fuel consumed and eco-friendlier driving.

Avoid racing starts at traffic signals.

Maintain safe distance from the vehicle ahead so as to avoid short stops. These consume higher energy as compared to a continually rolling motion.

Tyres must be used in accordance with the weather – summer tyres for summers and winter tyres for winters to maximise tyre life and save money.

As far as possible, drive without unnecessary weight. Remove your roof rack when not needed to reduce fuel consumption by 10%. Consider removing your spare
tyre if you make only short trips within city limits. Also, removing the third row in your van can reduce vehicle weight by around 25 kg.

Drive as soon as you start your engine, warming up is redundant with modern motors.

Drive in the maximum possible gear position.

Go for smooth running oil and remember to change oil at regular intervals. This will boost your vehicle’s life.

Park in shade to save money.

Try not keeping the air-conditioning on for extended durations. Switch it off and on periodically to save energy.

Click here for more practical suggestions from Barum’s “Ride and Save” initiative


Do Barum Tyres Adhere to EU Labelling Legislation?

Barum strongly supports the EU tyre labelling legislation that became mandatory across Europe in November 2012.

The company offers a

comprehensive understanding of the legislation

on its website.

? It explains that the tyre labelling applies to tyres for cars, SUVs, vans and trucks.

? It does not hold valid for retreads, racing tyres, spare tyres and tyres for vintage cars.

73 Eu Tyre Label

? Label provides consumers with essential information on selecting appropriate tyres for their vehicles.

? EU tyre label rates tyres on the crucial parameters of safety, fuel efficiency and noise.

? Fuel savings and safety on road largely depend on driver behaviour, particularly the following factors:

o Eco-driving lessens fuel consumption.

o Tyre pressure must be checked regularly for better wet performance and fuel efficiency.

o Stopping distances must be adhered to strictly.

Official information about tyre labelling can be accessed here.

What are Barum’s Newest Tyres?

In October 2013, Barum launched its advanced winter tyre – SnoVanis 2.

? The leading tyre brand continued its tradition of manufacturing safe and cost-effective winter tyres with its latest van tyre SnoVanis 2.

? Not only does this tyre offer low rolling resistance, which boosts fuel efficiency, but it also enhances grip on snow-clad and wet surfaces.

? These tyres are perfect for Opel Combo and similar small vans, and heavy-duty Sprinter range-type models.

Barum is leading the winter tyre market with its constant innovations in the segment. It is manufacturing its latest winter tyre van fitment – SnoVanis 2 –
in 20 sizes, ideal for 14”-16” alloy disks and for load-carrying abilities of up to 1,150kg.

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