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Looking to replace the Lexus tyres, but not willing to pay the high prices at other depots
and tyre dealers?

Then allow our expert tyre suppliers at Tyre Shopper help you select the tyres that you need, for the price that you like.

We work with you, and on your schedule, to find the right tyres, and are happy to change your tyres out on the go, so you don’t have to stop your busy life
just to get your tyres replaced.

Not sure what kind of tyres you’re going to need? Take a look at some tyres that are commonly used on some popular Lexus models. Be sure to double-check
this with the size of your current tyres, just to make sure everything is correct.

RX 450

Lexus Rx 450 Tyres

This RX 450 model Lexus is an eco-green 4x4 vehicle, that is visually appealing. With tyres on this vehicle, you’re going to need both stability and grip,
so opt for tyres like the Pirelli Scorpion, or the Bridgestone Dueler HP.

LS 600

Lexus Ls 600 Tyres

If you have the very quiet and comfortable Lexus LS 600 model, you’re going to want tyres that mirror this level of comfort and safety. Some excellent
choices for the LS 600 are Bridgestone Turanza and Avon ZZ3 tyres.

Some Background on Lexus

If you were looking for luxury, then chances are that you decided to purchase a model from this Japanese car manufacturer. Lexus, as part of the Toyota
Moto Corporation, launched in 1987 and first began to sell their cars in the United States. After expanding to the global markets, Lexus has become
synonymous with making top quality luxury cars.

In addition to the company’s continued commitment to creating luxury vehicles, Lexus has also made a great effort in creating and adding hybrid cars to
their lineup, as well as adding more “green” features in their newer models.

Lexus has done this in an effort to respond to the market, and meet consumer demand for eco-friendly products.

Considerations for Changing Lexus Tyres

Like the purchase or investment on any product, there are things that you need to consider beforehand, and when you’re purchasing new tyres to replace your
old Lexus tyres, this is no different.

When you are looking at the whole array of different tyres on the market for Lexus vehicles, you need to be thinking about quality, the wear and tear on
the tyres, and the cost of the tyres.

You also need to think about the speed rating for each brand of tyres that you are considering, to ensure that your new tyres will be able to handle your
range of lowest to highest speed.

Lastly, you need to make sure that your tyres are all season, and if you need to get another set for the winter months.

Taking all of these things into consideration, you can be confident in your tyre choice with Tyre Shopper.

At National Tyres and Autocare (The fitting partner of choice), are considered to be the number 1 fast-fit specialist in the UK, with over a thousand
qualified staff to properly fit and change out your vehicle’s tyres. With more than 200 locations, you can rest easy, knowing we’re always around to care
for your tyre needs.

Customers who own a Lexus left the following reviews for the tyres they bought

Greg - 01/02/2016

LEXUS IS 02499

Geoff - 25/11/2015

LEXUS IS 02231
Preferred the COntinentals I had previously, but these do look good and feel right.

Geoff - 25/11/2015

LEXUS IS 02231
Preferred the Continentals I had previously. These are good looking and do feel right though.

PAUL BOGUSH - 07/10/2015

LEXUS CT 01798

PAUL BOGUSH - 07/10/2015

LEXUS CT 01798