Cancel Your European Holidays! These British Road Trips Are The Perfect Post-Brexit Getaways

A no-deal Brexit seems to be getting more and more likely as October 31st draws nearer, but nobody seems to be talking about how that would affect one of the country’s most treasured traditions – the quintessential European holiday.

The fuss-free nature of the European road trip means that thousands of Brits take to the roads in mainland Europe every year, especially in the summer holidays. All you need is a passport, travel insurance, and a valid driving licence and you’re set to hire a car abroad.

With the uncertainty of post-Brexit travel though, when you’re planning your next holiday why not swap the German alps for a romantic drive through the Cotswolds, exchange the Northern Lights in Iceland for the Scottish Highlands, or enjoy a wine tour through Kent and Sussex instead of France. Discovering Britain can be just as fun as travelling abroad.

We’re here to help you replace your dream European road trip with the best UK equivalent. Read on for our guide to some of the most iconic EU road trips and their best British staycation counterpart.

Bavarian Romantic Road vs. Cotswolds Romantic Road

These two historic road trip routes cover the rural idylls of Germany and England. Post-Brexit, you might consider trading the dramatic background of the German Alps for the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, swap gothic Bavarian castles for a good old English stately home, and say goodbye to a giant bratwurst, enjoying a dainty cream tea instead.

Bavarian Romantic Road

  • Distance: 276.5 miles/445 kilometres
  • Driving time: Approximately 6 hours
  • Recommended holiday time: 10 days

Cotswolds Romantic Road

  • Distance: 80.4 miles/129 kilometres
  • Driving time: Approx. 2 hours
  • Recommended holiday time: 5 days

Portugal's Atlantic Coast vs. South England's Jurassic Coast

Although you may not automatically think of England when you come to plan your next beach holiday, the South of the country has some spectacular beaches that are accompanied by quaint fishing villages and beautiful coastal paths. Trade the hot weather of Portugal in high season for the slightly cooler English coast, where you can enjoy the world-famous surf as well as the natural history of the region just as much as if you were abroad.

Portugal's Atlantic Coast

  • Distance: 472 miles/760 kilometres
  • Driving time: Approx. 11 hours
  • Recommended holiday time: 14 days

Jurassic Coast

  • Distance: 103 miles/165 kilometres
  • Driving time: Approx. 4 hours
  • Recommended holiday time: 7 days

Icelandic Ring Road vs. Scottish Highlands and Isle of Skye

Visitors to Iceland return with incredible stories of lakes and fjords, mountains, and the Northern Lights. But what if we reminded you that you can see all this and more in the Highlands of Scotland?

Lush green countryside, craggy mountainsides and stunning beaches combine to make the Highlands a wonderful holiday. However, this isn’t the only place that the similarity lies. At some points in the year, even the climate in Scotland and Iceland can be similar. Travel between April to October to experience less harsh weather but, if snow is what you’re after, head straight to Cairngorm Mountain between late November and early May for its brilliant ski slopes.

Icelandic Ring Road

  • Distance: 1,199 miles/1,930 kilometres
  • Driving time: 25 hours
  • Recommended holiday time: 25 days


  • Distance: 443 miles/712 kilometres
  • Driving time: Approx. 12 hours
  • Recommended holiday time: 14 days

Champagne Wine Tour vs. South East England Wine Tour

Although certain regions on the continent are known for their grapes, you may be surprised to learn that Britain has its own ‘wine country’ that spans Kent and Sussex. Instead of journeying to France to sample the delights of the grapevine, simply head south. This makes for an incredibly relaxing holiday for wine lovers – stopping off at vineyards, wineries, and restaurants along the way to ensure you make the most of a holiday in the rolling hills of the English countryside.

Champagne Wine Tour

  • Distance: 169 miles/273 kilometres
  • Driving time: Approx. 5 hours
  • Recommended holiday time: 10 days

Kent and Sussex Wine Tour

  • Distance: 116 miles/186 kilometres
  • Driving time: Approx. 4 hours
  • Recommended holiday time: 10 days

Italian Lakes vs. Lake District

The Italian lakes are famous for their elegant resorts, excellent food scene, and beautiful walks through the surrounding mountains. Although perhaps not quite as elegant, the Lake District can offer much of the same. Next summer, trade a luxury resort at Lake Como for a B&B at Lake Windermere, and enjoy walks through the stunning countryside of the Lake District, as well as water sports and historical trails.

Italian Lakes

  • Distance: 300 miles/483 kilometres
  • Driving time: Approx. 10 hours
  • Recommended holiday time: 10 days

Lake District

  • Distance: 77.8 miles/125 kilometres
  • Driving time: Approx. 3 hours
  • Recommended holiday time: 7 days

Tuscany Road Trip vs. Yorkshire Dales Road Trip

Tuscany is well famed for being one of the most romantic destinations on the planet. The combination of excellent Italian food and hospitality as well as the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside mean that it’s on a lot of people’s bucket list.

But back to the UK, where the British alternative is often described as God’s Own Country. It’s the beautiful land of Yorkshire, where friendly people, inspiring landscapes, and charming old pubs make for one of the best holiday destinations in the country, and one of the least appreciated.


  • Distance: 221 miles/357 kilometres
  • Driving time: Approx. 6 hours
  • Recommended holiday time: 10 days

Yorkshire Dales

  • Distance: 235 miles/378 kilometres
  • Driving time: Approx. 7 hours
  • Recommended holiday time: 10 days

Romanian Transfagarasan Highway vs. Winding Hills in the South West of England

The Transfagarasan Highway is one of the world’s most breath-taking roads but remains one of its most dangerous. In comparison, the Mendips and Exmoor are much tamer, both in scale and level of danger. Trade Count Dracula for The Hound of the Baskervilles and enjoy a road trip through the South West of England instead.

Romanian Transfagarasan Highway

  • Distance: 236 miles/380 kilometres
  • Driving time: Approx. 6 hours
  • Recommended holiday time: 7 days

The Mendips and Exmoor Road Trip

  • Distance: 116 miles/186 kilometres
  • Driving time: Approx. 4 hours
  • Recommended holiday time: 10 days

Slovenian Forests & Lakes Road Trip vs. Welsh Forests and Lakes Road Trip

Slovenia is a stunning country bordering Croatia and Italy on the Adriatic coast, boasting good weather, interesting cities, and stunning forests and lakes.

In Wales, what you might lack in good weather is made up for by the diverse countryside and the beautiful beaches and villages. Walk or mountain bike through Snowdonia before relaxing on a beautiful beach in Anglesey in this replacement road trip swapping Slovenian forests and lakes for more of the same in Wales.

Slovenian Forests & Lakes

  • Distance: 328 miles/528 kilometres
  • Driving time: Approx. 8 hours
  • Recommended holiday time: 14 days

Welsh Forests and Lakes Road Trip

  • Distance: 259 miles/416 kilometres
  • Driving time: Approx. 9 hours
  • Recommended holiday time: 10 days

Driving in Europe after Brexit

At TyreShopper, we’re asking our customers to think ahead. Up until now, it’s been relatively simple: stick your ‘GB’ plate on the rear of your car; pack the boot with cereal, Dairy Milk, and teabags; and get on your way. But how will driving in Europe after Brexit be different?

The truth is, nobody really knows, but we can make some predictions.

In the case of a no deal Brexit, changes for Britons driving in the EU will take effect from the 31st October 2019, once Britain has left the European Union. We expect these changes to affect driving licences, car and travel insurance, driving permits, and passports. The Department for Transport has advised that British motorists who wish to drive in Europe might be required to purchase an International Driving Permit.

What is an international driving permit?

An international driving permit is a translated version of an existing driving licence, that allows foreign nationals to easily check your driving credentials. It can be bought from British Post Offices for £5.50 and must be used alongside a photocard driving licence in order to be valid. You may need to purchase a different version of the IDP, depending on which EU country you plan to visit. If you don’t have the correct IDP, you may incur a fine.

What is a motor insurance green card?

A motor insurance green card is a document provided by your insurer that proves that you have adequate insurance for driving abroad. You can easily apply for one through your car insurer, and it won’t cost anything. Green cards need to be printed on green paper, and there should be a minimum of 15 days cover left on it before you enter the EU. Before you travel, be sure to check which documents you require for the countries you’ll be travelling through. Some requirements, such as GB plates, will remain in place after Brexit.