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What Is The Best Website To Buy 165-60-40 Michelin Tyres?

Come straight to www.tyre-shopper.co.uk. We are UK’s #1 online retailer and our exhaustive inventory of tyres from leading manufacturers implies that we can and will meet all your tyre requirements with ease.

Understanding the 165/60 Size for 14 Inch Fitments

The size is also written with an ‘r’ between 60 and 14, where ‘r’ indicates that the tyre has a radial construction. Since most modern tyres have radial construction only and not bias ply construction, the ‘r’ is often implied, but is always present on the tyre label. This size is a popular fitment for city cars and MPVs. 165 indicates a section width of 165mm. This is the most important dimension of the tyre as it is a measure of the contact patch. The size parameter represented by 65 is called the aspect ratio. It is a measure of the sidewall height expressed as a percentage of the section width. In this case, the sidewall height of this product would be 65% of 165mm. Finally, 14 indicates that this radial will fit 14 inch alloy disks. The highly fuel efficient Michelin Energy E3B from Michelin Tyres is available in this size. Products from other manufacturers sporting these dimensions include the Barum Brillantis 2, Avon ZT5, Uniroyal Rainexpert and several others.

Make The Right Tyre Choice

When you are clear about the specific size you want, simply enter the size dimensions into our advanced search system. The results will return several products in that size from our inventory. If you are keen on a particular brand, choose that, or you can click on each of the results displayed and access a wealth of information about the product including features, benefits and customer reviews. Armed with the right information, it is easy for you to choose the right tyre for your car.

Why Tyre Shopper is the Right Choice

Yes, there are other online retailers, but we do believe that we rise up over the competition on several aspects. On several aspects except one - and that is product pricing. When it comes to product pricing, we are way ‘below’ competition, as we offer guaranteed lowest prices. This is possible because we compile and compare the prices of over 400 sizes each week. You can have a look at our price comparison page to see this for yourself. Another strong reason to choose us over competition is our professional and convenient tyre fitting service. Technically trained tyre fitters are at your service in any of our state of the art fitting centres. With more than 225 centres across the country, you can easily choose one that is closest or most convenient to you. It’s an appeal to you. Do yourself a favour. When you want 165/60 14 tyres from Michelin Tyres or any other manufacturer, approach Tyre Shopper first. It will save you time and money.

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