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The Best 3 Tyre Manufacturers In The World

At Tyre Shopper we stock tyres to meet the needs of all drivers, vehicles and driving conditions. However, we also understand that it can be difficult to know where to start, and which manufacturer to choose. So, with this in mind we have shortlisted the top three and given a quick explanation why they are three of the best tyre manufacturers in the world.


The Bridgestone group is one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers. Known and respected for their production of safe, environmentally friendly tyres, Bridgestone tyres are high quality and affordable. Bridgestone is also one of the biggest tyre companies in the world. It owns the Firestone Brand and products from both Bridgestone and Firestone are found on nearly every kind of vehicle in the world.


With more than 100 years’ experience, Goodyear is one of the big three radial manufacturers in the world. Goodyear also owns the Dunlop brand, in addition to more cost friendly brands such as Fulda, Kelly and Sava. Goodyear tyres are renowned for their safety and fuel efficiency across almost all passenger vehicles.


Continental is Europe’s biggest brands and is now emerging as a global tyre supplier. The company also manufacturers brands like Barum, Mabor, UniRoyal, Semperit and Viking. Since 1871 Continental’s core goal has been to enhance road safety without compromising driving comfort or pleasure. Continental’s OE – Original Equipment – tyres are so highly regarded that they’re very often fitted by automotive manufacturers to their cars that leave the showroom, which further highlights the quality of these excellent tyres. Continental tyres were the first in the world to be produced with a tread pattern and the first road tyre approved for speeds up to 220 m/ph. Explore our range of Continental tyres today.

Or are there four? We give to you Michelin Tyres!


Represented by the iconic Michelin Man logo, Michelin Tyres produces over 150 million tyres each year and is the second largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Michelin developed and patented a key innovation in tyre history – the Radial tyre. The radial tyre was developed in 1946, at a time where there was a clear need for more flexible tyres that were able to absorb shocks and be more robust. What makes this type of tyre so unique is the design. With radial tyres cord plies are arranged radially, from the centre of the tyre. Due to the uniqueness of the design, and the benefits over crossply tyres, the Michelin Tyres design climbed to 100% market share in North America. Michelin Tyres are the preferred tyres in most racing events as the tyres are renowned for good steering and better road contact. Michelin also manufacture tyres for aircrafts and space shuttles.

Tyre Shopper has access to thousands of car and van tyres

We stock tyres from major tyre brands like Michelin tyres, Dunlop, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Goodyear, and Continental. As well as stocking mid-range tyres from other brands like Uniroyal, Firestone, Toyo, and Avon. Beyond the major brands, we also stock a range of budget tyre brands that include Apolo Tyres, Autoguard tyres, BCT tyres, Fortuna tyres and many more. Each brand has been carefully selected from reputable manufacturers and all our budget tyres are covered by the same manufacturer guarantees that apply to all our tyre brands. There are several more manufacturers who offer their products online, such as Hankook, Pirelli and Yokohama, who can be found through the Tyre Shopper search engine

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